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neato! bound for cross-platform bliss

by Ryan St. Andrie Tue, 27 Mar 2012 10:59 am EDT

neato! bound for cross-platform bliss

Editor's Note: I'm happy to welcome aboard one more new writer to the webOS Nation team: Ryan St. Andrie. With plenty of experience in the webOS community, Ryan brings a lot to the table. Plus, he litterally is working on the railroad. Welcome to the team, Ryan!

When our good friend Geoff Gauchet (known around the interwebs as Zhephree) says he’s working on something new, we can't help but find ourselves interested. This guy has created some of the finest webOS apps to ever grace our devices. From Foursquare to incredible! we can’t seem to get enough of his work. One of our favorites, and one of the more utilitiatian useful, is neato! For the unfamiliar, neato! is a slick little app that enables sending of URLs between your webOS device and your computer with supreme ease. With our Zhephree fanactic status now established, you can imagine how we went a little crazy when Gauchet tweeted this last night:

Oh, you know, just working on a cross-platform @EnyoJS version of @neato_webos

neato! bound for cross-platform bliss

It's entirely possible we giggled like little girls upon reading that. Call us crazy but the thought of using neato! across multiple platforms makes us a little giddy. We also managed to wrangle a few extra details out of Gauchet about how cross-platform neato! will work. For one, instead of the old "codes" you'll log into your Zhephree Account and be able to manage your authorized devices with handy nicknames. You will be able to send and receive content from device to device, or broadcast to all devices on your Zhephree account at once.

Gauchet tells us he is aiming at releasing this to not only smartphones and tablets but also browsers and desktops as well, thanks to the magic of Enyo. So in essence you could send information to and from any and all devices you have. It doesn't take long to imagine all of the awesome implications this could have.

That's is all the information we have at the moment, but be sure to stay tuned for any and all future updates on neato!'s cross-platform future. In the meantime we'll just be sitting here drooling over the thought of sending a link from our computer to our phones, tablets, and other computers all at once. Oh, the future looks amazing.