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by the10thletter on 2/9/2010 | ; Tags: - none - | 32 comments

Nevermore is a Steampunk inspired theme for the palm pre.
This is my first theme so let me know how you feel I could make it better!

Version History:
V 2.3.0
-skinned the lockscreen's keypad
V 2.2.5
-updated wave
-updated quick launch
V 2.1.5
-added Sprint TV icon
V 2.1.0
-fixed camera, clock, & date/time icons
-added sprint portal icon
-changed messaging boxes to make it easier to tell who's talking
V 2.0.0
-overhaul and cleanup of existing icons.
-added 12 new icons
-lock screen update
-minor changes in phone app
-minor changes in messaging app
-updated wallpaper
V 1.9.0
-skinned the messaging window a bit...
-fixed and added some icons.
V 1.5.0
-added some new icons
V 1.0.0
-check it out!

please comment and rate! I love feedback!

If you like this and want to see its improvement help me out and drop me a donation. Thanks in advance.
paypal/contact = badkarma13@gmail.com