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New in the App Catalog for 01 December 2009

by Derek Kessler Wed, 02 Dec 2009 7:07 am EST

App Catalog In less than six months Palm’s webOS App Catalog has hit 500 apps, 508 to be specific. How far we’ve come from the heady launch days of only a few dozen and only free apps at that. And how far we yet have to go. So before we get to the list of apps (after the break, as usual), we’d like to take a moment to give a shout out to all the developers that have worked with Palm to make this happen. Without you and your patience with Palm and the evolving App Catalog, we’d never have reached this point. You guys rock.

New apps:

  • Boggle by EA, $4.99, by Electronic Arts: Race against the clock to find the most words in your jumbled letter grid.
  • Coool-Drinks, $1.49, by science apps: Calculate the time and temperature you need to cool your favorite drinks. Congratulations to Homebrew Graduate boucles0!
  • Locate-A-Rama, Free, by 8-bit development: Search around you for nearby points of interest.
  • Memory Master, $0.99, by RabbitByte Software: A pattern recall game, like Simon Says.
  • optionsXpress Mobile, Free, by optionsXpress: Monitor your investments, stocks, options, and futures all from your webOS device.
  • Picasa On Phone, $1.99, by Tinybolt. Access all public and private Picasa albums from your phone.
  • Space Alarm, Free, by Fu: Set an alarm to go off when you approach a GPS point.
  • Sunrise Sunset!, $0.99, by Brett Cato: GPS-based sunrise, sunset, solar noon, dusk, and dawn timer.
  • VLC Remote Free, Free, by Hobbyist Software: Control VLC music player from your Pre, demo version with only playback controls.

Updated apps:

  • Awake2Music, $1.99
  • Cool Tip Calculator, Free
  • Jobr, Free
  • Mosquitones, $0.99
  • MyQ For Netflix, $3.00
  • P2Snippets, Free
  • Photo Fun - Spot The Difference (Free), Free
  • Photo Fun - Spot The Missing Pieces Free, Free
  • Photo Fun: Spot The Difference Pro, $0.99
  • PicFlick, $0.99
  • Radio Hibiki, $1.89
  • SMS MMS Email Emoticons, $5.55
  • Super Hangman Pro, $0.99
  • The Weather Channel, Free
  • Timebits, $3.99
  • WeatherBug Elite, $1.99
  • Word Whirl, $2.99
  • ZIP Code Tools, Free