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New in the App Catalog for 02 December 2010

by Derek Kessler Fri, 03 Dec 2010 9:37 am EST

New in the App Catalog

It’s time for another dose of App Catalog fun! Whoooo!

  • Flight Computer is for the pilots in the audience, and is designed to quickly allow you to calculate your flight path, air speed, fuel requirements, and much more. Pricey? Maybe, but who can put a price on peace of mind?
  • ActiveCard 2 is on sale for two weeks (a dollar off). If you’ve been looking for a widgets, notes, and app launcher for webOS, look no more.

If you think that’s it, then you’re sorely mistaken. Go on past the break to see what else is new.

New apps:

  • CCNS Clinical Care Nursing Exam Prep, $6.99, by Upward Mobility. Prepare for the Clinical Care Nurse Specialist Exam with 618 sample questions.
  • Flight Computer, $7.99, by Wayne Fisher. The pilot’s tool for determining flight path, air speed, ground speed, fuel requirements, and more.
  • I Need a Dollar!, $1.00, by David Vogt. David wants a dollar. In return, he’ll give you a picture of a dollar, a ka-ching soundboard, and some dollar trivia.
  • Rio de Janeiro Metro, $0.99, by NanoNino. Check out maps and station info for Rio de Janiero’s metro system.
  • Singapore Metro, $0.99, by NanoNino. Get info about the mass transit system in Singapore.
  • Social Work Board (Bachelors) Exam Prep, $4.99, by Upward Mobility. Three hundred six test prep questions for the ASWB Bachelors Level Social Work Licensing Exam.
  • Weight Loss Hypnosis Session, $2.99, by EHYP Productions. A relaxing audio hypnosis session designed to help you with your weigh loss goals.

Updated apps: