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New in the App Catalog for 05 June 2011

by Derek Kessler Mon, 06 Jun 2011 9:19 am EDT

Ready for more apps? Of course you are. Last week wasn’t exactly gangbusters with the new apps, but it was at least a steady stream that continued over the weekend. So, we bring you new apps on this fine Monday morning:

  • Classic Pong is a modern take on the classic pong. The graphics are appropriately retro, but the paddles have a convex reflection to them (like Brick Breaker); more control, but more difficulty too.
  • iSilo finally comes to webOS. Now you can get on your plaint text, iSilo, and Palm Doc reading on webOS.

More new apps, plus plenty of updates, are after the break.

New apps:

  • Chemistry, $1.99, by Open Merchant Account. Find information about any chemical based on its name or chemical formula.
  • Classic Pong, $0.99, by SmashedFly. Pong with convex paddles – more control over direction, but greater difficulty.
  • DigiAudio, $0.99, by DigiKat Software Company. [webOS 2.0] Measure the decibels detected by the device's microphone.
  • Fruit Rain, $0.99, by Gp Imports. Collect fallen fruits in at an ever faster pace.
  • Glowing Sky, $0.99, by Draw with glowing blinking fun.
  • HP Discover 2011 Las Vegas, Free, by Velti. The official app for HP Discover 2011, complete with schedule, personal agenda, exhibitor catalog, maps, and more.
  • iSilo, $9.99, by DC & Co.. A document reader for plain text and old iSilo and Palm Doc files. Comes with the CIA World Factbook 2010 for free.
  • Localisation, Free, by Automatically translate a block of text into multiple languages.
  • Miso for WebOS, $2.80, by Cold water Apps. Log what you and your friends are watching on TV with Miso.
  • My 100 Pixels Pro, $1.99, by omoco. Build tiny art on a bigger ever-growing canvas.
  • Preferences, Free, by Simon Garrelou. A single-stop shop for all of your preferences mini-apps.
  • Tide predictor, $1.99, by Open Merchant Account. Check the tide schedule for any point in the world.
  • Trip on the Funny Boat, Free, by Entheos Software. Dodge pirates, mines and sharks as you navigate your steamboat.
  • Wolfram Alpha, Free, by Simon Garrelou. This app doesn’t actually work – WolframAlpha said no. Why it was released? Don’t know.

Updated apps: