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New in the App Catalog for 12 November 2009

by Derek Kessler Fri, 13 Nov 2009 7:17 am EST

App Catalog If you were wondering why there wasn’t anything for the start of this week, well, so were we. But Palm’s got some work underway that’s going to bring some updates to the App Catalog. Anyway, today brought us a lot of new stuff, and as usual we’ve got the round-up for you. It’s a long list, so we’ve got it all after the break for your perusal.

New apps:

  • Beerology 101, $0.99, by Austin Cameron: Get nutrition, color, ratings, and more detailed information on countless beers. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate socca1157!
  • Blocks Lite, Free, by Den Falske Zebra: The classic and addictive puzzle blocks game.
  • Bull Bingo, $0.99, by Play bingo! straight on your webOS phone.
  • Cowbell, $0.99, by Fisher Software Company: I’ve got a fever.
  • Cricket Wars, Free, by Moblyng: Hook up with the popular Facebook app and become a cricket master.
  • Free Greeting Card Messages, Free, by Free version of Greeting Card Messages, lacks easy SMS and email features. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate kardin!
  • iBored, $1.99, by rTag: Find concerts, festivals, and shows in your area.
  • Klondike Solitaire, $1.99, by Codenautics: Classic Solitaire with four different Klondike variants.
  • QuickText, $0.99, by Kingplus: Quickly send common text messages (running late, in a meeting, etc). Congrats to Homebrew Graduate akiliking!
  • Quicktionary, $2.99, by SplashData: Quick and easy access to
  • Radio Hibiki, $1.89, by operation 9: Listen in to more than 25,000 live radio stations.
  • Random Number Generator, $0.99, by Erik Goddard. Easily generate up to four numbers between 1 and 10.
  • Resistor Code, $0.99, by Geeksinside: Decode what those various colored bands mean. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate drewgaylo!
  • Rock Paper Scissors, $0.99, by Fisher Software Company: Play Rock Paper Scissors against a friend or the phone.
  • Rockus Sound Machine, $1.99, by Rockus Studios: Sound generating machine with 18 different sounds plus a timer.
  • Super Sudoku Demo, Free, by OrbSix Software: Play Sudoku right on your phone.
  • TealTime, $4.95, by TealPoint Software: Alarm, timer, and world clock all in one.
  • Tic Tac Toe for webOS, Free, by Fusion Creative Studios: Play tic tac toe in the sand, on the sidewalk, or on paper against a friend or the computer.
  • Topple Ball Mini, Free, by Josh Bilderback: Ten level trial of tilting board game. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate MrJspeed!
  • Video Poker, Free, by Play video poker right on your Pre.
  • YAHTZEE Demo, Free, by Electronic Arts: Trial version of graphics-rich Yahtzee game.

Updated apps:

  • Card Ace: Hold ‘Em, Free
  • Citysearch, Free
  • Classic, Free
  • Flixster, Free
  • FreeWeather, Free
  • gDial Pro, Free
  • JogStats, $4.99
  • Lottery Generator, $0.99
  • Mobile War, $1.99
  • Net2Streams Pro, $2.99
  • NewsRoom, $4.99
  • P2Wardrobe, $0.99
  • Pack ‘n’ Track, $7.99
  • Spaz, Free
  • Stopwatch / Time, $1.00
  • Top Stocks, $4.99
  • YPmobile, Free