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New in the App Catalog for 13 January 2011

by Derek Kessler Fri, 14 Jan 2011 4:05 pm EST

Sorry for the break in updates there, folks, we had some kinks to work out in the App Gallery. Those kinks should now be thoroughly exorcised, so let’s get back to some sweet hot new app action, shall we?

  • Card Ace: Casino combines Self Aware Games’ popular apps Word Ace, Hold ‘Em, and Blackjack into one sweet little (and enhanced) package. Download now and you’ll get an extra one thousand chips for free.
  • TapNote is a simple no-frills note-taking app, with customizable fonts and colors (more themes than formatting) and support for multiple cards.
  • Spinballs is a puzzle game where you have seven discs with six colored balls on each, and your goal is to align as many of the same colored balls as you can by rotating the discs. Simple in concept, maddening in practice.

You want more? We’ve got more. It’s after the break. Where else would it be?

New apps:

  • 100 Pushups, $1.99, by Infinite Appz. Get your weakling arms to perform 100 pushups in a row with customized interval training.
  • 20 Chinups, $1.99, by Infinite Appz. Use specialized interval training to get to where you can perform 20 chinups.
  • 200 Situps, $1.99, by Infinite Appz. 20 sit-ups are okay. 200, that’s awesome. Interval training for your abs.
  • 200 Squats, $1.99, by Infinite Appz. Get your body in shape with squats. 200 of ‘em.
  • A1 Fit Interval Trainer, $0.99, by A1development. Interval fitness training for your body (or somebody else’s body, if you’re that way). Includes warms ups and cool downs, timers, progress trackers, and more.
  • Algebra-I, $0.99, by A basic 101 introduction to the Algebra, including inequalities, polynomials, graphing linear equations, and matrix applications.
  • Asthma Tracker, $0.99, by Infinite Appz. Keep a daily log of your peakflow readings.
  • Bible Reader 2 Lite, Free, by Eclectic Design Studio. Easy to use bible reader with multiple bible versions, gesture chapter navigation, and more.
  • Body Temperature Tracker, $0.99, by Infinite Appz. Track your body temperature over time.
  • BP Tracker, $0.99, by Infinite Appz. Keep a log of your blood pressure.
  • Bubble Shooter Classic, Free, by XIMAD. The classic match-three bubble shooter game.
  • Card Ace: Casino, Free, by Self Aware Games. Word Ace, Hold ‘Em, and Blackjack, together at last. Download now and get an extra one thousand chips for free.
  • Cholesterol Tracker, $0.99, by Infinite Appz. Track your cholestoral level over time.
  • [city] City Guide, $0.99, by NanoNino. Find information including airports, hotels, museums, restaurants, and more for your city. Released for Amsterdam, Athens(Greece), Beijing, Berlin, Delhi, Dubai, Las Vegas, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, New Orleans, Newyork, San Francisco, and Washington (D.C).
  • Confessions, $0.99, by JDF Software. Submit anonymous confessions and read those of complete strangers.
  • Dead Reckoning Lite, Free, by ideaenjin. Get the conditions for bodies of water from more than 11,000 sites across the US.
  • DEFCON Level, $1.42, by TayTaBBB. Check out the US Department Of Defense Defense Readiness Level "DEFCON" live.
  • Dental Reference, $0.99, by Quizmine.Com. A basic 101 dental reference, written by a dentist for non-dentists.
  • Emotions Test, $0.99, by Infinite Appz. Answer 30 questions to guage your emotions.
  • English Writing, $0.99, by A basic 101 for English writing, covering a number of different writing styles.
  • FindMe, $0.99, by Virtue Studio. Classic search-the-field-for-the bunny game. [FindMe Free]
  • FK Mobiel, Free, by dIGGYtec. [Dutch] Searchable pharmaceutical database.
  • GiantBomb, Free, by Check out GiantBomb, the world's largest editable video game database.
  • IA Glucose Tracker, $1.29, by Infinite Appz. Keep a daily log of your blood sugar levels.
  • Junk Silver, $0.99, by Abbie Gonzalez. Determine the value of your old silver coins.
  • Keys, Free, by TEARN media. Play Pictionary against search bots. Released for 30 Shrimps, Basketball Americas, Folk Top 100, I Aspire... hot jobs, Lady Gaga Songs, Me siento..., Seashells, Tablets War 2011, and Weapons of Martial Arts.
  • MobiDeals, Free, by I-Mobile Marketing. Get deals and offers on your phone from local businesses.
  • Mood Tracker, $0.99, by Infinite Appz. Log and track your mood changes over time.
  • My Lamp, $0.99, by Virtue Studio. A lightbulb with auto-off setting. [Lamp Free]
  • NICKELODEON, Free, by NICKELODEON. [French] Fresh daily videos for the kids.
  • Personality Test, $0.99, by Infinite Appz. Give yourself a personality test to see if you’re just as crazy as you think you aren’t.
  • Pocket's Wedding Album Free, Free, by Virtue Studio. Enjoy the photos from your wedding, share with friends, and get a reminder of the upcoming anniversary.
  • Realtree Camo Wallpapers, $2.99, by Appible. Wallpapers of Realtree camouflage patterns.
  • Reversed, Free, by DS Effects. Try to collect as many bonus as you can and make sure the ball doesn’t collide any enemies, while coping with reversed directions.
  • Saving Spree, $0.99, by devkong. Set a daily spending limit, with rollovers for light days and paybacks for heavy days.
  • Share-a-Bike, Free, by Mike Shoup. Find nearby BCycle kiosks
  • Share'em, $0.99, by MetaViewSoft. Easily share photos and contact data.
  • Sky Labyrinth, $2.49, by Willculus. Roll, spring, teleport, and crash your way through the challenging puzzles. [Sky Labyrinth Demo]
  • Slalom Bear, Free, by DS Effects. Test you slalom skill collecting the bonus and avoiding trees and rocks.
  • Sleep Journal, $0.99, by Infinite Appz. Log and track your sleep patterns.
  • SPHR Human Resources Exam Prep, $5.99, by Upward Mobility. Two hundred sixty nine test prep questions for the HRCI Senior Professional in Human Resources certification.
  • Spin For It, Free, by Dragongears. Spin the hand, bottle, arrow, or pointer.
  • Spinballs, $2.99, by Christian Gross. Rotate seven discs with six colored balls each to align as many of the same color as you can.
  • Super Device Countdown, Free, by Rob Merrell. A countdown to February 9th with physics-driven HP logo balls.
  • TapNote, $4.00, by One Crayon. Simple frills-free note taking, with customizable fonts and colors, multiple cards, and more.
  • Tic Tac Toe Pets Free, Free, by Virtue Studio. Pet-themed tic tac toe.
  • TileStorm HD, $3.99, by Massive Hadron. TileStorm is back, with 100 unique puzzles good for hours upon hours of 3D gameplay.
  • Trampoline Boy, $0.99, by Planet Sucko. Jump Trampoline Boy on the trampoline, flipping in the air as you do so.
  • Travel Album, $0.99, by Virtue Studio. Take photo albums of your travels on the go. [Pocket's Travel Album]
  • Travel Check, $0.99, by private. Check the balance of your Oyster card.
  • Untappd lite, Free, by milclobe. Check out the Untappd mobile site with ease.
  • Valley Morning Star, Free, by Freedom Communications. Get the latest news, sports scores, videos, and more for the Rio Grande Valley.
  • Weight Points Tracker, $0.99, by Infinite Appz. Keep track of your weight points.
  • Weight Tracker Pro, $0.99, by Infinite Appz. Log your weight.
  • WMF News Tiles, $1.99, by WatchMeFreak. A news viewer broken into categories with easy-to-view image tiles.

Updated apps: