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It was bound to happen. webOS 2.0 apps are appearing in the App Catalog en masse, and there seems to be no stopping them. Sure, it doesn’t matter that there aren’t a whole lot of webOS 2.0 users out there right now, though we have to hope that the Pre 2 on Verizon will help that just a bit.

  • Voices is a one-touch audio recorder (yes, for webOS 2.0 only) with sharing, automatic Dropbox uploads, and scheduled recordings.
  • Koto Player, another webOS 2.0-only app, is a new music player with Just Type integration along with an active scrubber everywhere in the app.
  • All Stars Darts, well, it's darts. Throw them at the dart board.

There’s more (including more for webOS 2.0), after the break.

New apps:

  • 'Ncognito (Demo), Free, by Code-Crunch.com. [webOS 2.0] Hide your *ahem* personal photos behind a password-protected wall.
  • #Beer List, $0.99, by Holland Numerics. Learn more about your beers, along with offering your opinion to the world.
  • Accounting Reference, $0.99, by Quizmine.com. A basic 101 overview of Accounting.
  • AHS EMS Protocols for WebOS, Free, by SQued Concepts. The new provincial EMS protocols for Alberta, including both adult and pediatric algorithms, as well as helpful calculators and emergency patch line numbers.
  • All Stars Darts, $2.99, by Tag Games. Throw darts at a virtual dartboard.
  • AMSN Medical-Surgical Nursing Exam Prep, $4.99, by Upward Mobility. Prepare for your AMSN Nursing Exam with 298 prep questions.
  • APetsApp, $0.99, by MichaelRanch Software. Take simple objects that interest pets and lets you resize them, flick them, and bounce them around your screen.
  • Assault, $2.99, by Starwind Games. Classic arcade-style tank assault game, with multiple levels and vehicles.
  • Barcelona Travel Guide, Free, by mcnamara.fr. A GPS-based guide around Barcelona, Spain.
  • Bricklayer, Free, by DS Effects. Align and combine bricks of the same color.
  • Fanfou, Free, by Noteday. [Chinese] Think Twitter, but for China.
  • Free Bajor!, Free, by roneyii. Display the symbol of the Bajoran resistance.
  • Ice Age Frogging, $1.99, by Starwind Games. Fight an amphibious war against evil wasps.
  • iMedia, $1.29, by Ze-Palm. [webOS 2.0] Record, store, and play voice memos and other sounds with a graphic equalizer and selectable sound quality.
  • iPocket Tools 7 in 1, $0.99, by Gp Imports. A bubble level, caliper, inclinometer, flashlight, plumb bob, protractor, and ruler all in one.
  • Koto Player, $2.99, by Will Honey (Tibfib). [webOS 2.0] A gorgeous and powerful music player with Just Type search integration and a scrubber everywhere.
  • Motorcross News (Keys), Free, by TEARN media. Play motorcross Pictionary against search bots.
  • My Cigars Lite, Free, by Peter Völkl. Rate and manage your cigars, lite version limited to 10 entries.
  • Nascar Champs (Keys), Free, by TEARN media. Play NASCAR-themed Pictionary against online search bots.
  • Picture of the Day, $0.99, by App Techies. The Astronomy Picture of the Day, with an archive all the way back to 1995.
  • Playlists, $0.99, by arkandos. Manage your music playlists for use in other apps (internet connection required).
  • Preschool Farm, $0.99, by Patagonia Labs. A kid-safe environment to discover their abilities and learn new skills with interactive and fun games.
  • Pubmedplus, $1.99, by Palmdoc.net. Search the NLM Pubmed database and view detailed articles and abstracts, with saving to Instapaper and locally on the device. [Pubmedlite]
  • Quick Message Lite, Free, by Rahisi. Easily send repeated text messages and repeated recipients, lite version limited to three messages and three recipients.
  • Relay For Life, $0.99, by Chayel Heinsen. Fund raiser for Relay For Life
  • Series 7 & 63 FINRA Exam Prep Bundle, $14.99, by Upward Mobility. Get ready for the FINRA Series 7 and NASAA Series 63 exams with 651 combined test prep questions.
  • Spot Diff Plus, $0.99, by J@ckpot ideas. A joke app - frighten your friends with the surprise scream thing.
  • SSAT Secondary School Exam Prep, $3.99, by Upward Mobility. Two hundred prep questions for the Secondary School Admissions Test,
  • Symantec - THREATCON, $2.99, by TayTaBBB. View Symantec's ThreatCon Level live on your phone.
  • Taj Mahal, $0.99, by Quizmine.com. Test yourself about the history and architecture of the Taj Mahal.
  • Ultimate Strobe Light, Free, by KDB Productions. Get your sweet rave going.
  • Voices, $1.43, by Inglorious Apps. [webOS 2.0] One-touch audio recording with sharing, automatic Dropbox uploads, and scheduling.
  • Waypoints, Free, by Spyder Speak. Save a location latitude/longitude and navigate to it later.
  • Women of the World, Free, by Digi Olive. Pictures of beautiful women from around the world.

Updated apps: