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New in the App Catalog for 16 September 2010

by Derek Kessler Fri, 17 Sep 2010 8:04 am EDT

App Catalog After the lightness that was the prior drop, Palm kicked things into gear with a new batch of apps. Oh, and welcome to the game, Pocket Zebra, you’re making quite the impression. Highlights? Thought you’d never ask.

  • Angry Birds, coming to you know in Pixi, Pixi Lite, and just plain (i.e. Pre) Lite forms.
  • Falling Sand lets you play fast and loose with falling sand and the laws of physics.
  • RISK - yes, the classic board game of global domination is now available for your phone.
  • One Year Free Service lets you enter into a contest to win one year of free cell phone service - no personal info is collected (except for the winner).

As almost always, there’s plenty more newness to be viewed and downloaded, and it’s listed after the break.

New apps:

  • Angry Birds for Pixi, $1.99, by Rovio. [Pixi] Fling angry birds at thieving pigs.
  • Angry Birds Lite for Pixi, Free, by Rovio. [Pixi] Free 15-level trial version of Angry Birds for the Pixi.
  • Angry Birds Lite, Free, by Rovio. Free 15-level trial version of Angry Birds.
  • Blue Defense: Second Wave!, $0.99, by Cat in a Box Games. Fight of the hordes invading your blue planet.
  • Cannonball, $1.99, by Polarbit AB. Fire your cannon at pirates, sea monsters, and seagulls.
  • Critter, Free, by PSH Studios. Just try to coax some action out of “Critter,” we dare you.
  • DigiDater - Find true love around you, Free, by DigiKat Software. Use GPS to find nearby users for love, integrate with your calendars, contacts, and even send private messages. $5.99 monthly subscription required.
  • Falling Sand, Free, by J@ckpot ideas. Play around with streams of colored sand.
  • Foosball Free, Free, by Arakun. Play foosball against the phone or a friend.
  • Free 1001 Pickup Lines, Free, by Pocket Zebra. In need of explanation?
  • Free 1001 Yo Momma Jokes, Free, by Pocket Zebra. Also not hard to figure out.
  • Free 2001 Insults, Free, by Pocket Zebra. Fairly self-explanatory.
  • Free 5000 Useless Facts, Free, by Pocket Zebra. A collection of 5,000 facts you’ll never need.
  • Free 80's Movie Quotes, Free, by Pocket Zebra. “This is gonna take crackerjack timing.”
  • Free Art of War Quotes, Free, by Pocket Zebra. “To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the supreme excellence. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme excellence.”
  • Free Bizarre Laws, Free, by Pocket Zebra. A collection of bizarre laws you’ll hope you never have to deal with.
  • Free Random Sex Facts, Free, by Pocket Zebra. Random facts about the history and science of sex.
  • Free Real Famous Names, Free, by Pocket Zebra. Learn the real names of famous people, like Madonna.
  • Free Totally False Facts, Free, by Pocket Zebra. A package of silly the completely untrue.
  • Full Moon-Warrior Within, $1.99, by NJOY ENTERTAINMENT. Fight off invading barbarians while searching for your magically abducted family.
  • Gem Tower, Free, by HStanaland. Line up three or more matching gems (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) to clear the board.
  • Ground Effect Pro, $2.99, by Glenn Corpes. Take flight in 14 challenges, and throw on your stereoscopic glasses to take the adventure into 3D.
  • HTTP Tool, $0.99, by OMA Studios. Perform AJAX requests including using the GET and POST methods, add http and custom headers, and post content.
  • KBGA 89.9 fm, Free, by GeoMonkey. The official app for KBGA College Radio 89.9 fm Missoula from the University of Montana.
  • Lopan Mahjongg Solitaire FREE, Free, by Dynaptic The classic Chinese tile game of Mahjongg solitaire.
  • MIR3 Alerts, Free, by MIR3. Urgent alerts for business and institutions. Customers use the MIR3 software to communicate with their employees and associates (whatever that means).
  • Office Basketball - FREE!, Free, by simpleFun. Wad up that office memo and take a shot at the circular file.
  • One Year Free Service, Free, by Cloud Genki. Enter to win free cell phone service of your choice for up to $125 per month for 12 months.
  • Physical Sciences (Keys), $2.99, by tEarn Media. Chemistry trivia questions for the kids.
  • Plasma Cannon LITE, Free, by Rob Merrell. Eight-level demo version of Plasma Cannon, complete with the tormenting physics of gravity.
  • Prankster, Free, by MetaViewSoft. Prank your friends with an iPhone look-a-like app fright.
  • RISK, $6.99, by Electronic Arts. The original game of strategy and conquest, with the same rules for global domination as the classic boardgame.
  • RoadTripBingo, $0.99, by PhoneBros. Play bingo while on the road. Well, let your passengers do the playing, you just keep your eyes and wheels on the road.
  • SketPad Free, Free, by Simple easy-to-use doodle pad.
  • Wormp3, Free, by epik. Variable speed MP3 player - play your recordings at 1/4x or 4x speed.
  • Znax, Free, by Mobile Monkies. Create rectangles with matching tiles, the bigger the box, the higher your score.

Updated apps: