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New in the App Catalog for 17 April 2011

by Derek Kessler Mon, 18 Apr 2011 9:21 am EDT

The last week was pretty much a slow one in the App Catalog. Up until last night there were two new apps since Tuesday. While we got several more overnight, it’s still pretty slow. Let’s just hope this is the calm before the storm.

  • Carbon for Twitter is an excellent new Twitter client that’s built around a horizontal-swiping panels system for your timelines. Carbon is incredibly feature rich, and includes support for multiple account cards and  Just Type Quick Actions.
  • Surf Report CA from Fine by Five Software retrieves the latest surf reports and forecasts for top spots up and down along the California coast.
  • Denki Blocks! Deluxe HD is a unique puzzle game where blocks of the same color will stick together.

Nearly a week’s worth of apps, new and updated, can be found after the break.

New apps:

  • [topic] (Keys), price varies, by TEARN Media. Play Pictionary against search bots. Released for 150+ Economists, Animated Films, Game Fish, Horse Gear, Motorcycle Mechanic 101, and Porcelain.
  • 4veerCalculator, $0.99, by knoopnet. [320x400] A full scientific calculator optimized for the 320x400 screen of the Veer and Pixi.
  • ACS Journals App, Free, by Wiley-Blackwell. Read the latest articles from the American Cancer Society Family of Journals.
  • Angry Birds Rio Free, Free, by Rovio Mobile. Fling your enraged avians at evil pigs in the free demo version of the Angry Birds tie-in to the movie Rio.
  • Carbon for Twitter, $2.99, by dots & lines. A multi-panel feature-rich Twitter client with support for multiple account cards, Just Type, Twitlonger, and more.
  • Chord Converter, Free, by Gelb Intergalactic. Convert musical chords between two specified keys.
  • Denki Blocks! Deluxe HD, $4.99, by Denki. Block puzzle game where blocks of the same color will stick together.
  • Desktop Notes (Pixi, Veer), $1.89, by [320x400] Place fully-customizable sticky note reminders directly on your phone’s wallpaper.
  • gNews w/Exhibition, $1.49, by Engine Equals Car.  Check out the news from up to five different categories, or your own custom categories.
  • Love Test Pro, $0.99, by KDB Productions. Randomly generate a love compatibility rating for two people.
  • Name That Logo, $0.99, by Umlauts R Us. Name the company from their logo.
  • Palindrome App, $0.99, by SpeedyMarks. Build words or phrases that are spelled the same forwards and back.
  • Reality Gun -light, Free, by Tamoggemon. Take a picture, shoot missiles at it.
  • Simon Reloaded, $1.00, by Wevos. Play Simon Says at the direction of your phone.
  • Surf Report CA, $0.99, by Fine by Five Software. Get the surf report and forecast for top spots along the California coast.
  • Yì Jīng, $0.99, by gworley3. The ancient Chinese work The Book of Changes, an oracle for learning about the universe.

Updated apps: