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New in the App Catalog for 17 November 2009

by Derek Kessler Wed, 18 Nov 2009 7:00 am EST

App Catalog Palm hath giveth. After the dual update let-down that was Monday, Tuesday came in full force with not only a whole basket full of updates, but with several new apps to boot. It’s a long list (which we like to see), so it’s all posted after the break. Just click that “Read the rest of this entry” button down to the right to check it out.

New apps:

  • Amazon Deals, Free, by JM Productions: Check out the latest deals on
  • Calql8 Dates, $2.99, by Advanced date calculator with days until, days of the week, and more options.
  • Compass, $1.99, by JM Productions: Track your direction using GPS readings.
  • jBalls, $0.99, by Cohosoft: Do you best to align the colored balls in this classic Russian game.
  • JM Solitaire, $2.99, by JM Productions: Classic solitaire with one card or three card draw and animations.
  • JM Stopwatch, $1.99, by JM Productions: Stopwatch with lap time functionality.
  • JogStats Trial, Free, by Rusty Apps: GPS-based workout tracker. Seven-day trial.
  • Tire Size Calculator, Free, by Spyder Speak: Figure out how changing the size of your tire will affect your car’s speedometer and clearance.

Updated apps:

  • BAC Calculator, $0.99
  • Beerology 101, $0.99
  • Bible Dictionary, $0.99
  • Calql8 Tips, Free
  • dkStopwatch, $0.99
  • Express Stocks, Free
  • gChords Free, Free
  • Go To Tool Lite, Free
  • Go To Tool, $7.49
  • Golf Caddie Trial, Free
  • JogStats, $4.99
  • Mind Master, $1.99
  • My Mall Shopping, Free
  • PicHunt - Pets, $2.99
  • PicHunt - Space Explorer, $2.99
  • PicHunt - Vintage Cars, $2.99
  • Sports Calendar - Free Version, Free
  • The Surprise, $0.99
  • Top Stocks Lite, Free
  • Twee, $2.99
  • Wobble Words, $2.99