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New in the App Catalog for 20 November 2009

by Derek Kessler Sat, 21 Nov 2009 7:01 am EST

App Catalog Going into yesterday evening we were prepared for Friday to be another app-less day, but Palm had other plans for us. Yesterday we received more new apps than we usually see in total updated and new: 26, bringing the grand total in the App Catalog to 413. Sure, it still pales in comparison to that other mobile application store, but we’ll take what we can get. And it was bound to happen eventually, and this week was the week... we got our first webOS fart app. See the reality of it all in list form after the break.

New Apps:

  • Attitude, $0.99, by Display your orientation respective to the ground with a Cessna-style gauge.
  • Audiobook Classics, $4.99, by Bienestar: Listen to recordings of classic books, including A Christmas Carrol, Aesop’s Fables, and more.
  • Backgrounds, Free, by Stylem Media: Access more than 10,000 wallpapers formatted for your phone.
  • Beerology 101 Lite, Free, by Austin Cameron: Free version of Beerology 101, only lists 100 beers.
  • BlockChalk, Free, by WorkingModel: Use your phone to leave a digital message for the neighborhood and passersby. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate imorchard!
  • BusCalc, $0.99, by Monarch Towel Company: Business calculator with margin, loan, and present value functions.
  • Deadman v1, $0.99, by Fusion Creative Studios: It’s Hangman meets the bomb squad, defuse the bomb or it all goes kablooee.
  • Exch-Calc, $1.79, by Prezy Software: Make conversions between 145 different currencies. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate Ken B!
  • Fit23, $2.50, by Snap23: Self-rating based fitness and health tracker.
  • FlickIt!, $0.99, by Apps For Fun: Whip out a digital lighter the next time your favorite band takes the stage.
  • jPyramid, $0.99, by Cohosoft: Pyramid solitaire with three difficulty levels.
  • Magic Fortune Ball, $0.99, by Innovative Odyssey: Let the magic 8 ball decide your fate.
  • Match ‘Em - Christmas Edition, $0.99, by Dynaptic: Christmas-themed tile matching game.
  • Moon Exposure Calculator, $1.99, by Chris Gunn: Calculate the photographic exposure you’ll need to take a shot of the moon. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate crgunn!
  • My Feeds, $2.99, by JM Productions: RSS reader with easy grouping and sharing functions.
  • o’clock, $1.00, by Infews: Display the time in natural text, e.g. about twenty of ten.
  • Peg Solitaire, Free, by MathSlice: Remove all the pegs on the board except for the one in the very center.
  • pFart, $1.99, by Argon Apps: It had to happen eventually.
  • Puzzler, $2.99, by JM Productions: Turn any photo on your device into a tile puzzle.
  • QuickSolve, $0.99, by Shanerooni: Fill in the blanks to solve the equation. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate shanerooni!
  • QuickSpell, $0.99, by Shanerooni: Spell the word before the time runs out. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate shanerooni!
  • QuickTrace, $0.99, by Shanerooni: Simon Says, but with more buttons. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate shanerooni!
  • Sailing, $4.99, by Europa Pictures: Test your knowledge of sailing and cruising.
  • QuickWhack, $0.99, by Shanerooni: Whack-a-mole meets the digital age.
  • Shotgun Santa, $0.99, by Conniption Entertainment: Zombies are invading the North Pole!
  • Switcharoo Demo: Demo version (five images only) of the Switcharoo wallpaper changer.
  • TaskAdder, Free, by Brian A Haeffner: Quickly add tasks to your Toodledo account. Congrats to Homebrew Graduate haeffb!
  • Uber Calc, $0.99, by Spyder Speak: Calculate anything from lease payments to nautical miles to tire size changes.

Updated Apps:

  • AP Mobile, Free
  • Bogus Caller, $0.99
  • CL USB Sync, Free
  • DeadMan, Free
  • GolfPinFinder Demo, Free
  • Match ‘Em, $0.99
  • mCraig, $1.99
  • Obama IQ, $2.99
  • Simple Bible, Free
  • The Missing Sync, Free
  • TMaps - DC, Free