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App Catalog Bam, it’s app time. There are more apps for perusing, browsing, just looking, and especially buying, buy we’re going to take a moment to highlight a few of the new entries:

  • Sports provides the schedule and countdowns to upcoming sport events.
  • Anonymous Texter lets you send, well, anonymous texts to people you know (with protections built in to prevent spamming).
  • HTML Emailer enables you to send true HTML-formatted emails with headers, lines, fonts, and more.

There’s more! More, really? Yes! After the break, forward!

New apps:

  • Anonymous Texter, $1.49, by James Harris. Send somebody and anonymous text message.
  • Backbreaker Football, $0.99, by NaturalMotion Games. Arcade-style football - sprint, juke, and spin past waves of oncoming defenders.
  • Bubble Drop, Free, by Arctic Apps. Remove as many bubbles through matching and popping as you can.
  • Chemistry HandBook, $3.99, by ScienceApps. More than 3,760 chemical compounds, with detailed specifications for each.
  • Deal A Meal 2.0, $1.99, by JTR Softworks. Search through hundreds of easy recipes to find the right combination for your meal.
  • Dr Droid, Free, by HStanaland. Kill viruses by placing colored pills in rows or columns of 4 or more.
  • Duj Do, Free, by Wizage.NET. Klingon themed-speedometer.
  • Duke Nukem Soundboard, $0.99, by Soundboard Masters. “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and I’m all out of gum.”
  • Endless TriPeaks Solitaire, $0.99, by Endless Wave Software. A fun and easy to learn the TriPeaks solitaire game.
  • Fashion (Keys), $5.99, by TEARN media. Four hundred animated flash cards that show the works of the top designers, brands, fashion shows, photographers, and media over the past decade .
  • Fashion Lite (Keys), Free, by TEARN media. Free trial version of the Fashion (Keys) trivia flashcards.
  • Fireworks, Free, by VivaLV Software. Fire rockets into the sky to paint it with fireworks.
  • Framingham CVD Risk Calculator, Free, by Palmdoc.net. Risk assessment tool for predicting a person’s chance of having cardiovascular disease.
  • HTML Emailer, $0.99, by Philip Bernstein. Send HTML-formatted emails with headers, lines, fonts, and more.
  • Kalimba, Free, by Galactic Headquarters. Play an eight-note “kalimba” thumb piano.
  • Kalimba Fun, Free, by Galactic Headquarters. Or do it with fifteen notes.
  • MedCalc: Pediatric Dosing, Free, by Sirata Studios. Pediatric medical dosing calculator.
  • MedDict, Free, by Sirata Studios. A simple, quick and easy to use medical dictionary.
  • Pups Lite (Keys), Free, by TEARN media. 3000 adorable photos of puppies, the cutest dogs on the planet.
  • Sexy Referee Whistle, Free, by McSportster. Check out the super sexy referee and have her blow her whistle.
  • Solar System, $0.99, by Badri Bros. Learn about the sun and the nine planets of our solar system (viva Pluto!).
  • Sports, $0.99, by SpeedyMarks. See the schedule and countdown to upcoming sport events.
  • Stuck Pixel Fixer, $2.00, by Sergiu Dogaru. Fix stuck (not dead) pixels with rapidly changing color patterns.
  • TechTray Lite, Free, by KlikTray. Ad-supported version of the TechTray technology news reader.
  • Tetrominos, Free, by HStanaland. Tetris-like falling-blocks game.
  • Zoo Bubble Drop, Free, by Arctic Apps. Zoo-themed bubble match-and-pop game.

Updated apps: