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New in the App Catalog for 23 August 2010

by Derek Kessler Tue, 24 Aug 2010 8:18 am EDT

App Catalog Holy apps Batman! Multiple new-to-webOS developer hit the scene yesterday, including long-awaited game masters Astraware. There’s actually a lot to go over, so we’ll skip straight to the highlights...

  • Glow Hockey gives you a delightfully theme-able air hockey table, with a Tron-like glowing theme serving as the app’s namesake.
  • Astraware Sudoku, yes, Astraware’s much beloved and feature-packed Sudoku is finally here. Breath a sight of relief, our long nightmare is over.
  • Mech Invasion is yet another tower defense game, this time with a mix of PDK magic and sci-fi action.
  • Spare Time brings Instapaper right to your phone so you can keep up on those articles and blogs you saved to read later.

... and then on to the rest of the apps after the break. We’re all business here today.

New apps:

  • 1. Bundesliga Live, $1.99, by Minderleister. Keep tabs on the goings ons of Germany's premier football league.
  • 10 Worst Celebrity Breakups, $2.99, by The top ten celebrity separations.
  • A Professional Approach to Resumes and Cover Letters, $3.99, by Build a good resume and cover letter for your next career move.
  • All About Labor And Delivery, $3.99, by Everythign you ever wanted to know about childbirth,
  • All About Prenatal Workouts, $3.99, by Exercised for pregnant women.
  • Ambient Sound Bubbles, Free, by MojoJungle. Generate soothing sounds and colors.
  • Arts (Keys), $4.99, by tEarn Media. Learn more while racing against a search bot to answer questions about the arts.
  • Arts Lite (Keys), Free, by tEarn Media. Free demo version of Arts (Keys)
  • Astraware Sudoku, $2.99, by Astraware Limited. Sudoku with puzzle generator, puzzle of the day, difficulty levels, solvers, pencil marking, hints, and more.
  • Blackjack for WebOS, Free, by Magic Apps. Play blackjack on your phone, complete with countable decks.
  • Bubble Wrap Free, Free, by Kuhlmanation. Pop. Pop. Pop pop pop pop pop.
  • BUGS!!! trial version, Free, by Galactic Headquarters. Free trial version of the bug-crushing cookie-saving game.
  • Classic Invaders, Free, by Lighthouse. The classic Space Invaders arcade game, modernized with accelerometer control.
  • College Fantasy Videos, $1.99, by On The Go Girls. Handpicked videos of college fantasy girls.
  • Commonmoves, Free, by Commonwealth. Find Real Estate properties in the state of Massachusetts.
  • Earth Now, Free, by Ancient Workshop. View the current cloud cover for the entire planet.
  • Exercise Without Effort, $3.99, by Tips and tricks to getting exercise results without the effort of exercise (make sense, right?).
  • Fireplace HD (Free), Free, by Pick between a fireplace, torch, and campfire.
  • Food and Nutrition During The Pregnancy, $3.99, by What to eat when preggers.
  • Get Your Ex Back, $3.99, by How to win back the one that got away.
  • Getting Ready For The Right Relationship, $3.99, by A guide to preparing yourself to be relationship material.
  • Glow Hockey, $1.99, by Natenai Ariyatrakool. Play against computer and real life opponents on a Tron-tastic air hockey table.
  • Glow Hockey FREE, Free, by Natenai Ariyatrakool. Free trial version of Glow Hockey air hockey.
  • Guns Free, Free, by Clear Water. Choose from a 50 cal. machine gun, mortar cannon, Glock 17 9mm, P90 Tactical, fully suppressed pistol, or an MP5 and fire at will.
  • Hit the dots!, Free, by Thomas Schoeps. Hit as many dots as you can in thirty seconds.
  • HovpoH, Free, by Wizage.NET. See the current Klingon stardate.
  • How To Adopt Creative Thinking, $3.99, by Tips and tricks to becoming a creative thinker.
  • How to Make Your Attitude Your Ally, $3.99, by A guide to rolling yourself into a positive attitude.
  • Innovative Thinking Secrets Exposed, $3.99, by The tips and tricks used by real life innovators.
  • KSChess, Free, by KalemSoft. Play chess against the computer with three different difficulty levels.
  • Math Racer, $0.99, by Quizmine.Com. Action-packed multi-player math solving game.
  • Mech Invasion, Free, by Java Sanity. Use towers and blockades to prevent invading Mechs from attacking your city.
  • Mobile-OTP for webOS, Free, by SuperSaveIt. Two-factor strong authentication solution.
  • More Cowbell!, Free, by Clear Water. I’ve got a fever!
  • Noted!, $2.23, by Tiger Country Software. No-frills Simplenote client.
  • OddBlob, $2.99, by Astraware Limited. Bounce across a squishy maze for bonus, fruit, and points.
  • pIqaD ghojmoHwI', Free, by Wizage.NET. Learn the Klingon alphabet (requires the pIqaD font package from Preware).
  • Prevent Stuttering, $3.99, by Tips and tricks to reducing your stuttering tendencies.
  • Quick Start Job Guide, $3.99, by A guide of what you need to do to secure your dream job.
  • Relax In Nature, Free, by App Concept. Pick from four calming nature sites and just relax.
  • Restful Nights, $3.99, by Tips and tricks to making it through the night with a newborn.
  • Retirement Planning, $3.99, by It’s never to early to start planning for your retirement.
  • SDL Ludo, Free, by Lighthous. The classic British board game from 1896.
  • Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger, $3.99, by What to do to feel and look years younger.
  • Shape Sorter, $0.99, by Digital Powers. Line up the holes on your sphere with the incoming block shapes.
  • Six Pack Abs - Secrets to the Best Abs, $3.99, by Get that washboard stomach you’ve always wanted.
  • Soothing [thing], Free, by A collection of soothing sound generators: Birds, Creek, Fire, Ocean, Park, and Rain.
  • Spare Time, $1.99, by SemicolonApps. Instapaper client; keep unread, archived, and starred articles at the ready.
  • The BillyGoat, Brain Academy, Free, by Doo Labs. Take on the logic puzzles of the Master Goat.
  • The Power of Positive Thinking, $3.99, by Behold the power of positive thinking.
  • The Wiccan Book of the Dead, $3.99, by A collection of spells and magical texts that forms an important element of the Wiccan movement.
  • Tic Tac Free, Free, by Kuhlmanation. Free two-player tic tac toe.
  • VNC Client PDK, Free, by HotKey Webdesign. Remotely control your computer.
  • We the People, $0.99, by Carry the U.S Constitution (with amendments) and the Declaration of Independence in your pocket.
  • Weight Loss eBook, $3.99, by Tips and tricks for those looking to lose a few pounds.
  • Wine Tasting, $3.99, by A guide to the refined skill that is wine tasting.
  • Women's Basketball Live!, $1.99, by More Solutions. Teal-time womens basketball scores ticker.
  • Word Play, Free, by leithall. Find words in the jumble of letters.
  • WorldQuiz, $1.99, by Virtual Design. Tap as close to the listed location as you can. Faster taps equal more points.

Updated apps: