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New in the App Catalog for 24 August 2010

by Derek Kessler Wed, 25 Aug 2010 9:49 am EDT

App Catalog The new apps just keep coming, and we see that as a very good thing. Lots of fun stuff has been landing in the App Catalog early this week, and it continued yesterday:

  • Angry Birds... ‘nuf said.
  • MiniSquadron has you piloting an acrobatic flyer through the not-so-friendly skies.
  • Frootrees, another addicting game from another platform, wants you to grow your own froots. It’s a simple concept, but by golly if Farmville can be successful.

And there’s more, as you’ve already surmised it’s after the break. Go there.

New apps:

  • Angry Birds, $1.99, by Rovio. Launch your furious finches at the nasty pigs. It’s that addictive game we’ve all be going on about for the past forever.
  • Expert Cake Decorating Made Easy, $3.99, by Decorate cakes like a pro.
  • Fart Bomb!!, Free, by Clear Water. Loud, juicy farts with a customizable timer. I can’t believe I just wrote that.
  • Frootrees, Free, by Tin Man Games. Grow and harvest your own cute and addicting froots.
  • Gem Hunt, Free, by 2D Rockers. Score points by matching two gems of the same type.
  • Getting Back Into Shape After Pregnancy, $3.99, by Work off that baby weight.
  • Groupon, $0.99, by Tinybolt. Check out all of the deals available on Groupon.
  • MiniSquadron, $2.99, by Supermono Limited. Frantic aerial shooter game, with all sorts of acrobatical nonsense.
  • Must Have Things For The Upcoming Child, $3.99, by All the stuff you need to get for the new baby.
  • Pro Guides [Place], $1.50, by Brighthouse Labs. Comprehensive mobile travel guide. Released for Aruba, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bali, Banff, Corfu, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Thailand.
  • Settledown, Free, by Hawkorn. Plant yourself on an island and build a future.
  • Soothing Thunder, Free, by The sound of rolling thunder to lull you right to sleep.
  • Twister Thistler, Free, by Kuhlmanation. Tongue twisters galore.
  • Virtual Piano, $1.49, by TamsPalm. High-quality virtual ivories.
  • Wave Blazer, $3.99, by Polarbit. Strap into a 4000hp rocket and hit the aerial race track.

Updated apps: