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New in the App Catalog for 24 November 2009

by Derek Kessler Wed, 25 Nov 2009 7:48 am EST

App Catalog It’s a veritable cornucopia of appitude! Yesterday brought us several new apps along side a couple dozen updates to existing apps As is standard procedure nowadays (yay!), it’s too long a list for the front page, so you can hop on over and take a gander past the break. Electronic Arts finally got in on the paid apps game with full versions of both Connect 4 and Tetris Mania, so actually you should take a gander. Why? Because it’s apps, and apps are important. This is the part where you nod knowingly and click “Read the rest of this entry.”

New Apps:

  • AccuWeather Premium, $1.89 by AccuWeather: Get the latest maps, forecasts, severe weather alerts, and lifestyle forecasts.
  • BBQ Timer, $0.99, by McComber Development: Keep track of cooking times for up to eight different items.
  • Boise Live, Free, by Star Technologies: Watch and upload your own videos to the Boise Live sharing network.
  • Checkbook, $1.99, by GlitchTech Science: Keep track of your incomes, expenses, and transfers. Congratulations to Homebrew Graduate ryltar!
  • Connect 4, $4.99, by Electronic Arts: Five months after giving us a demo version, the full Connect 4 game is finally here.
  • Dropee, $0.99, by AIRKRFT: Quick access to the popular social media bookmarking site Dropular.
  • Fart Man, $0.99, by Wizard Apps: Flatulence at your fingertips.
  • Feeds, $3.33, by Delicious Morsel: Google Reader app with notifications system. 33% off for launch, will be raised to $4.99. Congratulations to Homebrew Graduate eekfuh!
  • Flare, $1.99, by Shift8: Geo-bookmarking app that saves your favorite locations with pictures and notes.
  • FlightLog: Aviators Flight Log: Allows pilots to track the flight times and details.
  • FreeCadie Pro, $14.95, by Mobile Software Design: Full-featured GPS-based golf rangefinder with more than 14,000 courses.
  • iHate411, $1.99, by rTag: Get 411 information and maps.
  • Just Farts for WebOS, $099, by CTL Advance CSAT: Nineteen different fart sounds with timer capability. Congratulations to Homebrew Graduate CTL Advance!
  • Made Simple for WebOS, $4.99, by Made Simple Learning. Read the 1500-screen guidebook for the Palm Pre. Take that App Store name shenanigans!
  • Math Magic, $1.25, by Anusen: Help your kid learn to have fun with basic math.
  • Media Remote, Free, by Engine Equals Car: Control your PC media player from your Pre - works with the recently released Pre-compatible MediaMonkey 3.2. Congratulations to Homebrew Graduate tonyparisi.
  • Roll Quest, $0.99, by Under Cloud Games: Sink balls by kicking them into crystals on 20 challenging levels.
  • Roller Ball, $0.99, by Caldantech: Play skee-ball right on your Pre. Congratulations to Homebrew Graduate danielpopp!
  • Snow Globe, $1.99, by Vocshop Games: Put your favorite picture into a snow globe and give it a shake.
  • Stickyman, $1.49, by WizardApps: Slap sticky notes right onto your phone’s wallpaper.
  • Tetris Mania, $6.99, by Electronic Arts: It’s Tetris. Finally.
  • Thanksgiving, $1.99, by Europa Pictures: Test your knowledge on the traditions and history of the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Words of Wisdom, $1.99, by Over 5000 quotes from the wisest people to walk this blue marble.

Updated Apps:

  • Backgammon, $0.99
  • Bubbles!, Free
  • DeadMan, Free
  • Fit23, $2.50
  • Flixster, Free
  • Gone Fishin’, $0.99
  • jBalls, $0.99
  • JM Stopwatch, $1.99
  • Lightning Impact, $0.99
  • Magic Fortune Ball, $0.99
  • MediaClock, $0.99
  • PocketMirror for Microsoft Outlook, Free
  • Rockus Sound Machine, $1.99
  • Short Covers, Free
  • The surprise, $0.99
  • Translator, Free
  • Voxofon Call Abroad, Free
  • WingedCurator, Free