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Last week started off fast and then stalled somewhat, but little did we know there was an Easter surprise waiting for us this weekend. New apps!

  • Headlines retrieves standard and custom search Google News, with support for dozens of languages.
  • Sneaky Pics opens a fake messaging app and takes a surreptitious photo with each key press.
  • Universe Web Browser is a full-featured replacement web browser (the first from the App Catalog) with Google Bookmark sync, a download manager, private browsing, screen rotation lock, and more.
  • PhotoFunia takes photos of yourself and friends and puts them in new places, like on a billboard or in the Mona Lisa.
  • Twithibition puts your Twitter stream in Exhibition mode for passive reading.

More apps, if you’re into such things, are after the break.

New apps:

  • B'lox! Free, Free, by iprice. Free 12-game trial version of the sliding puzzle game.
  • Currency, Free, by Currency App. Convert currencies from more than 180 countries.
  • Easter Egg Hunt, $0.99, by Pj Nation. Find Easter eggs and solve riddles.
  • Headlines, $1.99, by The CodingBees. Get the latest headlines from Google News, with general news and customer searchs. [Headlines Lite]
  • JamWam Jog, Free, by Jamwam.com. Track your walk/jog/run and check your states, maps, and more onlie with JamWom.
  • Led Art Free, Free, by Virtue Studio. Create fun Lite-Brite style pictures.
  • PhotoFunia, Free, by PhotoFunia. Put your face on a billboard, a stamp, in a Warhol pop-art, or in any of 150 other fun settings.
  • SafeWallet - Password Manager, $3.99, by SBSH Software. Save your passwords, credit card numbers, and more in a secure and encrypted file.
  • Sneaky Pics, $0.99, by Dezign Apps. Fire up a fake messaging app and take a surreptitious photo with each key press.
  • Twithibition, $1.99, by The CodingBees. [webOS 2.1] Watch your Twitter feed flow by in Exhibition mode.
  • Universe Web Browser, $2.99, by OpenMobl Systems. A replacement WebKit web browser with Google Bookmark sync, a download manager, private browsing, screen rotation lock, and more.
  • Vector Conflict: The Siege, $1.99, by Littlegrey Media. You are the last line of defense for the survivors of this post-apocalyptic everything-is-lines world.
  • Xin-Test-2020, Free, by HP-Palm. “jfeowfj0ognn 0 wjfowqeihf new pofjpwfj”. That’s the entirety of this app’s description. It’s probably not supposed to be here.

Updated apps: