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New in the App Catalog for 26 April 2011

by Derek Kessler Wed, 27 Apr 2011 10:14 am EDT

A second day of new apps? Huzzah! And there’s some good ‘uns in this batch…

  • Coffee Guy, by our own Tim Stiffler-Dean, lets you find nearby coffee shops and cafés with GPS location.
  • Skitrix combines the falling blocks game with Scrabble: line up falling letter blocks horizontally and vertically to create words.
  • Desktop Widgets lets you put static (but still updating) widgets on your wallpaper, including notes, maps, the weather, your favorite pictures, and more.
  • NDrive USA is the first App Catalog-approved turn-by-turn GPS navigation solution for webOS. With the latest NAVTEQ maps stored on the device, NDrive also includes integration with Facebook Places and Fourquare, local deals, the current weather, speed limit notifications, Google Search points-of-interest, lane guidance, and more for the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

There’s plenty more, including apps for doctors, firefighters, gamers, coaches, parents, shoppers, and pretty much everybody else, after the break.

New apps:

  • [topic] (keys), price varies, by TEARN media. Play Pictionary against search bots. Released for Greek Pottery, Greek Roots, and Motorcycles.
  • 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, $2.99, by Mobifusion. The classic Jules Verne novel telling the story of Captain Nemo and his submarine Nautilus.
  • BoxyMan Deluxe, $0.99, by KalemSoft. Push boxes around a maze to matching squares.
  • Child@Home, Free, by HP Beta. A GPS tracker designed to remind a child with a webOS phone to notify their parents they’ve arrived safely at home.
  • Chrono, Free, by Palmsnipe. A basic stopwatch.
  • Coffee Guy, $0.99, by AnotherGuy. Use GPS to find nearby coffee joints.
  • CrypBoard, $0.99, by Klaus Reger. Instantly encrypt and store text copied to the clipboard.
  • Desktop Widgets, $2.79, by Put static widgets for notes, maps, weather, pictures, and more on your wallpaper.
  • Drug Name Reference, $0.99, by Umlauts R Us. Medication cross references, descriptions, and more.
  • eMed, Free, by webOS-specialized front-end for Medscape, with beter legibility, quick naviation, and article bookmarking.
  • F-i-T Tracker, $3.00, by angryGoat. Easily calculate the costs and benefits of the electricity your home generation system is feeding back into the grid.
  • FrictionLoss!, $1.00, by JimLong. A tool for firefighters needing to calculate friction loss on the go.
  • GBC.emu, $4.99, by Robert Broglia. A Gameboy Color emulator based on Gambatte, with support for Pre and Pixi. Bring your own GBC ROMs and congifure on-screen and physical keyboard controls.
  • Greatserves, Free, by Subject Orange. Check out the Greatserves tennis blog.
  • Hairy Legs, $1.50, by Hey There Software. Tile your phone to maneuver a razor down an endless hairy leg.
  • Hyter of Flok Comic Book 1, Free, by Lugram Comics. Follow the magical adventures of Hyter in a land of orcs, wizards, knights, and monsters.
  • Hyter of Flok Comic Book 2, $0.99, by Lugram Comics. Part two of the Hyter of Flok series.
  • lisp-addict, Free, by Knowified Toys. Get started into programming with lisp.
  • Multi Check List, $0.99, by Infinite Appz. Create multiple prioritized checklists.
  • MySQL & SQL Client, $3.99, by Open Merchant Account. Remotely run queries and updates on your MySQL or SQL server database database.
  • NDrive USA, $49.99, by NDrive Navigation Systems SA. Turn-by-turn navigation using the latest NAVTEQ maps, all stored on your phone. Get the latest weather, share your location, push updates to Facebook and Fourquare, and much much more.
  • NSCA-CPT Personal Trainer Exam Prep, $4.99, by Upward Mobility. Three hundred ninety six questions to prepare you for the National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer Credential exam.
  • Paypal Calculator, Free, by Usei Software Development. Calculate how much you need to charge via PayPal to make up for the fees.
  • Pharmacy Coupon Finder, Free, by Find pharmacies and drugs that are eligible for a multi-use discount coupon.
  • Recipe Tools Pro, $1.49, by Ryan Brown. Convert kitchen measurements with ease.
  • RxNorm Search, $0.99, by Infinite Appz. Search for standardized RxNorm info and concepts.
  • Scoreboard for webOS, Free, by Jonathan McHatton. Keep track of the score, with a running tally of who scored and when.
  • Simple Shopping List 1.0, $0.99, by JHJ Software. Create simple and straightforward shopping lists.
  • Skitrix, $2.99, by Build words from falling letter blocks.
  • ST XII Count down, Free, by roneyii. A countdown to the June 29, 2012, release for the next Star Trek film.
  • Star Trek Communicator, Free, by The Wonderful World of Nate. A fun Star Trek soundboard with communicator, tricorder, and medical scanner.
  • superhuman for cohuman, Free, by Vaibhav Mishra. Cleitn for the cohuman task management system with offline storage.
  • TapNote Lite, Free, by One Crayon. Trial version of TapNote note taker.
  • Travelers Prayer, Free, by Morad Tech. The Jewish Travelers prayer in English and Hebrew.
  • Underwater, Free, by DS Effects. Eat fish that are smaller than you to make yourself grow, while avoiding the bigger fish in the pond.
  • Women's lacrosse clipboard, $1.99, by J Plus Corporation. Build half and full field plays for women's lacrosse.

Updated apps: