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New in the App Catalog for 30 January 2010

by Derek Kessler Sun, 31 Jan 2010 11:16 am EST

App Catalog The folks at Palm are screwing with my head, I swear. I open up the App Catalog this morning to see what’s new, and behold, there is new stuff listed under older. Again. I know this stuff wasn’t there yesterday, and being under older means it certainly wasn’t there night. No, these are apps from a parallel dimension. It’s the only plausible explanation. The thought had crossed my mind that maybe it was a glitch on Palm’s servers, but then I realized that the alternate dimension theory made much more sense. Seeing as this oddness is still comprised of new apps, it’s all listed after the time vortex-free break.

New apps:

  • AirTraffic Lite, Free, by NO2 web and mobile apps: You are the air traffic controller - guide planes to safe collision-free landings.
  • Audio Grenade, $0.99, by Lane One Apps: High-frequency tone generator.
  • Drag Stats, $1.99, by James Almand: Accelerometer and GPS-based vehicle performance logger. Congratulatiosn to Homebrew Graduate Beherrschen!
  • Gossip Fix, $0.99, by Hidden World Hut: Get the latest gossip from popular celebrity news websites.
  • Irish Recipes, $1.99, by Brighthouse Labs: Get tasty and easy-to-make recipes for Irish dishes.
  • Lexi-Comp ON-HAND, Free, by Lexi-Comp: Access the Lexi-Drugs and Lexi-Interact medical databases.
  • Moo, Free, by Markus Leutwyler: The cow says moo and the duck says quack. Congratulations to Homebrew Graduate pretomcat!
  • New York M Baseball Fans, $1.99, by Brighthouse Labs: Am I the only one amused by the fact that they can’t say “Mets”?
  • ScanCode, Free, by omoco: Scan and decode barcodes and QR codes.

Updated apps:

  • Bible Reader Lite, Free
  • Brain Booster: An ultimate guide, $3.45
  • Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes, $5.99
  • bWeather, Free
  • Cabbie, $0.99
  • CashBox Lite, Free
  • CashBox, $0.99
  • Celebrity Tweets, $0.99
  • Color Flashlight, Free
  • Farkle Deluxe, $2.99
  • Fortune Cookie, $0.99
  • Foursquare, Free
  • Fuel, Free
  • Match This! Pro, $0.99
  • Oregon Trail, $4.99
  • Pack ‘n’ Track 7 Day Free Trial, Free
  • Parking Place, $1.49
  • PicSketcher, $0.99
  • Pong Free, Free
  • Remote, $4.95
  • Scoop, $0.99
  • Tasty Toons, $1.99
  • Tune Your Guitar, Free
  • WHERE, Free
  • Wikay, $0.99
  • WOG Kid Protect, $2.99