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New in the App Catalog for 31 January 2011

by Derek Kessler Tue, 01 Feb 2011 9:49 am EST

Sure, yesterday may not have brought a lot of new apps, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything good in there. Far from it, there’s plenty of goodness:

  • Timmy Tracker is the first App Catalog app from our man Jason Robitaille, and the concept is simple but essential if maple syrup flows through your veins: find the closest Tim Hortons.
  • Video Flood Lite is a free version of Video Flood ($1.99) with five categories of videos: business, food, health, learning, and politics.
  • Home Brewer's Assistant is for the homebrewer of the beer variety - calculate batch sparging, base malt conversion, alcohol by bolume, and specific gravity correction.

There’s more after the break, if you’re into such things. And considering that you’re reading this site, we’d wager that you are.

New apps:

  • City Of Mafia, Free, by Mewok. Join the mafia or the gang and build your own criminal empire in this text-based RPG.
  • Home Brewer's Assistant, Free, by Waterspout Software. All the calculations you need to make the best home-brewed beer.
  • Keys, Free, by TEARN media. Play Pictionary against search bots. Released versions: Auto Hybrids, UK Royalty ($1.49), and Valentine Tour
  • Shots2010, Free, by Access the immunization schedule databases of
  • Timmy Tracker, Free, by Canuck Coding. Find the closest Tim Hortons restaurants, and see if they have a drive-thru.
  • Video Flood Lite, Free, by 13 App Design. Watch fresh new videos on business, food, health, learning, and politics. Full version has all categories.

Updated apps: