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New in the App Catalog for 31 March 2010, International and 2000 apps edition

by Derek Kessler Thu, 01 Apr 2010 11:52 am EDT

App Catalog To awesome things happened yesterday. First with the webOS 1.4.1 update the App Catalog e-commerce system went international, allowing webOS users around the world to start purchasing apps. Secondly, with that update came many new apps, so many that when we pull together apps from Europe, Canada, and the US, the App Catalog now has over 2000 apps. 2013, to be specific. With paid apps available now in Europe, we imagine that the slowly-rising app total is going to accelerate now to a more acceptable clip. Speaking of acceptable clips, we got so many updates yesterday to enable international app purchases that the auto-sorting engine we use here to generate this list broke and only listed the two hundred most recent updates. So needless to say, there were a lot of updates, so international webOS users should be seeing a considerable jump in the number of available apps. Oh, and there were 27 new apps to boot. Interested in that truncated list? You know you are - it's waiting for you after the break.

New apps:

  • Avis, Free, by Avis Autovermietun: (German) Reserve a rental car from Avis Germany while on the go.
  • Brainbuster-UK, $3.99, by cubolino: Quiz yourself with 2700 different questions in nine categories.
  • Cardsender UK, Free, by autoprint: Take and send a picture as a real postcard - straight from your phone to the post.
  • DZ.Tanks Early Adopters' Edition, $0.99, by Dreamers of Zion: "Early Edition" Scorched Earth clone.
  • Easy Translator, $1.99, by Bowden Apps: Easily translate text between more than 48 different languages.
  • Exclusive Beatz, $2.99, by Bowden Apps: Get fresh beatz every other week.
  • HRS Hotel Organizer, Free, by HRS - Hotel Reservation Service: (German) Search and book more than 250,000 hotels worldwide.
  • Kartensender, Free, by autoprint: (German) Take a picture and send it as a postcard for just €1.89 a pop.
  • Kwok's Bible, Free, by Fanny Lau: The Bible, in English, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese.
  • Mahjong Solitaire, $0.99, by NO2 Web and Mobile Applications: The classic game of Mahjong.
  • MusiQuiz, $3.99, by cubolino: (German) Quiz yourself on modern and classical music history.
  • Palm WLAN-Hotspot, Free, by Palm: (German) Mobile HotSpot for Germany - turn your Palm Pre into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for up to four devices.
  • PMP Prep - PMConcepts, $7.99, by Upward Mobility: Targeted curriculum of 227 questions testing project management.
  • Publilius Syrus Quotes, $1.99, by Brighthouse Labs: Quotes from the writer of maxims.
  • Quentin Crisp Quotes, $1.99, by Brighthouse Labs: Quotes from the prominent English homosexual activist Quentin Crisp.
  • Reboxed, $1.99, by Semicolon Apps: Browse and reserve movies from Redbox right from your phone.
  • SPB TV, Free, by SPB Software: Tune into public IPTV channels all over the world.
  • Spiel der Weisen Lite, Free, by Cubolino: (German) Test your random knowledge bank.
  • SUDOKU (International), $4.83, by Electronic Arts: Five levels of difficulty, automatic annotation, and more.
  • Tap Tempo, Free, by Bradley Graber: Tap out beat and get the tempo.
  • TETRIS (International), $6.76, by Electronic Arts: It’s Tetris, with five additional new versions to keep you entertained.
  • tlhIngan mu'ghom, Free, by Wizage.NET: (Klingon) Our universal translator’s broked. It’s something in Klingon.
  • Tor! Tor! Tor! - Das Bundesliga-Quiz, $2.99, by cubolino: (German) Test your knowledge of German football (or soccer, as the Yanks call it).
  • TripAdvisor, Free, by TripAdvisor: Get the most trusted travel advice, hotel reviews, restaurant ratings, and general things to do.
  • Web2SMS, Free, by MojoJungle: (German) Send SMS for free via the internet.
  • weTwit, $0.99, by Cyber Nova: Twitter client with highly configurable options.
  • Where is my car? - Lite, Free, by Martin Grund: Save and find your car (or anything else you want to remember) quickly and easily.

Updated apps: