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New in the App Catalog for 7 November, 2009

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 07 Nov 2009 2:51 pm EST

App Catalog Your official App Catalog keeps on trucking, with a grand total of 356 apps. There were a ton of updates and new apps added last night.

Come along and see what's new - but fair warning, a large proportion of these apps are one-off quiz apps from Europa Pictures. It's a little bit much, if you ask us.

New apps:

  • mCraig Pro, $2.99, Splashdata. Search CraigsList
  • Local Business Search, Free, Etherient. Local search
  • SudokuPlus, $2.99, Sierra Blanco Systems. Advanced Sudoku game with a ton of options
  • twoCalc, $2.00, mikagika, ltd. and twoCalcFree, Advanced calculator apps
  • Pixelpipe Uploader to the Social Web, $.99, Pixelpipe. Upload photos to over 100 social services. Homebrew graduate!
  • World Factbook, $1.99, Xivix Software Solutions. The entire CIA World factbook
  • Catholic Quiz, $3.99, Europa Pictures. Quiz Game
  • Football, $5.99, Europa Pictures. Football Trivia Game
  • Movie Trivia, $3.99, Europa Pictures.
  • TV Trivia, $3.99, Europa Pictures
  • Mind & Body, $3.99, Europa Pictures. More quiz from Europa
  • Sex Quiz, $4.99, Europa Pictures. Yep, more quiz.
  • Obama IQ, $2.99, Europa Pictures. Noticing a trend?
  • Christmas, $2.99, Europa Pictures. Ok, Europa, we get it.
  • Einstein, $4.99, Europa Pictures. If you want a quiz app about something, it looks like Europa is going to have it.
  • Revelation, $2.99, Europa Pictures. See what we mean?
  • Jesus Quiz, $2.99, Europa Pictures.
  • Christmas Music Trivia, $2.99, Europa Pictures. I'm dreaming that we're done with the quiz apps.
  • Politics, $2.99, Europa Pictures.
  • Code Cabinet, Free, Etherient. In conjunction with the upcoming "Practical webOS Projects with the Palm Pre" book, lets you store and organize code snippets
  • Lightning Impact, $1.99, science apps. Lightning Impact distance app. Homebrew Graduate!
  • Email Emoticons Pro, $5.55, Supercharged email composition app with more WYSIWYG elements than you can shake a Pre at.
  • Fleet Tweet, Free, 8-bit development. Lightweight twitter app with a focus on sending tweets
  • PictureIt, $1.99, Codinary. Photo browser for your own photos, Flickr, Bing, and Google
  • Coool Drinks, $3.00, science apps. Calculates how long different drinks take to cool off in the fridge.
  • 15 Puzzle 21st Century, $2.99, Sergey Markovich. A tile-puzzle game
  • My Mall Shopping, Free, Skava. Online shopping app
  • Awake2Music, $1.99, Ed Miller. Alarm Clock app that can launch Pandora to wake you up.
  • Perfect Bounce, $.99, Keen Studios. Bounce game, we've previewed it here.
  • jVault, $1.99, Cohosoft. eWallet app for passwords, pins, etc.
  • Diet Control, $2.99, Yariv Rosenstein. Diet App, Homebrew Graduate!
  • T-Money, $14.99, Sound Expressions. Financial planning app

Updated apps:

  • Tweed Trial, Free
  • Sudoku Lite, Free, cakefight.
  • Weatherman Lite, Free, WizardApps
  • m:Mafia 40 Favor, $4.99, Moblyng.
  • Weatherman, $2.99, WizardApps
  • Net2Streams Lite, Free, Net2Streams
  • Reversi, Free, Rick Boatright
  • Mileage Monitor, Free, Foxtail Software
  • Simple Bible, Free, Bits of God Software
  • m:Mafia, Free, Moblyng
  • Sports Calendar,$1.99, Unnamed Applications.
  • 4:20 Wallpaper, Free, Moonalice
  • JogStats, $4.99, Rusty Apps