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New apps begin appearing in App Catalog

by Derek Kessler Mon, 08 Jun 2009 4:21 pm EDT

GoodFood, new in the App Store And we’re off to the races! Palm has started loading new programs into the App Catalog, and we’ve got seven new apps to tell you about, bringing the total to twenty five.

GoodFood (by Goodrec)
A location-based restaurant locator with cuisine and price sorting, plus the ability to rate restaurants and see what your friends think.

Infopedia Beta - Mobile Wikipedia Lookup (by SplashData, Inc)
An on-device Wikipedia optimizer, complete with news headlines, bookmarks, and saved history and searches, plus an easy send-to-a-friend (or self) feature. (by, LLC)
You’ve seen the commercials, now it’s time to find some love, assisted by winks, emails, and the omnipresent GPS.

mCraig Beta - Mobile Craigslist Browser (by SplashData, Inc)
It’s Craigslist, formatted for your phone, and complete with location-based searches.

Shortcovers (by Shortcovers)
A digital library and reader with new releases and free classic works.

SplashID Beta - Secure Password Manager (by SplashData, Inc)
It’s the one app that so many have been waiting for, and it’s here, at least in Beta form. Securely store your various usernames and passwords, bank account and credit card numbers, prescriptions and whatever else you like. As a beta, SplashID is going to be free, once the complete version is released it will be a paid application.

Sporting News Pro Baseball (by Zumobi, Inc)
Get the latest scores and schedules from your favorite teams, get your fantasy team players’ stats, and follow in-progress games in the MLB!

So there you have it, new apps for the Pre, with more likely on the way. We’ll do our best to keep tabs on what’s new, but hopefully in the near future it’ll just be too much to bear. According to the Official Palm Blog, some 150,000 apps were downloaded on Saturday alone!

UPDATE: As has been noted in the comments, soon after we posted this, SplashID was pulled from the App Catalog. According to bitmage the app works fine up until you try to import stuff from the desktop application, at which point it falls into some sort of wacky temporal paradox loop. We don't like temporal paradoxes (they give use headaches), not does SplashData, so it appears to have been removed. We'll keep an eye out for what we imagine will be SplashID's imminent and triumphant return.

Thanks to Ryan, Bill, and Kris for sending this in!