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New beta webOS app from HP Labs: RemindMe

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Fri, 22 Oct 2010 3:26 pm EDT

In the latest example of a webOS application coming out of HP (as promised by Phil McKinney), an interesting app called RemindMe showed up in the Beta App Gallery (and Preware beta feed) yesterday. According to the app's description,

RemindMe is a service that lets you remember things at the exact moment you need them. Right now the service conforms of three parts a web application, a webOS application and a chrome extension. What kind of reminders do you have? Right now RemindMe supports two kind of reminders. 1. Location Reminder Reminds you of certain information when you get to a specific place, for example, if you want to remember to buy lightbulbs next time you go to the store, RemindMe can help you. 2. Web Page Reminder Reminds you of a page you have visited when you go to another site. This is very convenient in cases you want to remember something you saw on the internet in a future time, for example, if you found a coupon or a new page to buy plane tickets, next time you go to that online store you will be reminded of that coupon or new cool tickets site.

For now at least, the Web Page Reminders work only within the Google Chrome desktop browser; it isn't clear whether they will also work within webOS' own browser. As for the webOS app overall, calling it "beta" is rather generous; it's extremely rough right now, crashing frequently and demonstrating many screen glitches. Still, it's a nice idea and could prove very handy; it's also great to see HP's engineers leveraging webOS for their mobile technologies.