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New Developer, Centro-to-Veer, Russian Students and More - From the Forums

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 17 May 2011 6:23 pm EDT

With the immediate availability of the Veer on AT&T's "4G" network in the US, there are quite a few people switching over and getting the powerfully tiny device. One user, riw, is a current Palm user that's thinking about making the transition - from the Centro. He asks a few questions about how to make that change easier, and what kind of compatibility there is between devices, but could probably use your help with other questions as well if you hop over to let him know you're here.

Students in Russia will soon be developing webOS applications during their studies now that an agreement between HP and two Universities, UNESCO IITE and ITMO. The article, posted by Pilotevef, is translated from Russian, and there are some sentences that are a bit jumbled around, but for the most part it should be understood pretty clearly: Russia is getting some webOS love.

How exactly is the HP Veer 4G supposed to be marketed? Some have been saying all along that the device is supposed to act as a transition smartphone for dumbphone and featurephone users, and now we hear that an HP webOS Training Rep is confirming those suspicions while talking to mobile device resellers across the country. Read the post from un_designer to learn more of what the rep said.

Yes, there are still people interested in webOS app development. In fact, that number of developers is starting to grow quite nicely as more devices are released and information sent out to the public. User 4r4qg is a new webOS developer who is looking for some fun, simple app ideas to get started. There are still plenty of them that need made - so why not give him your thoughts on what he could focus on?

No doubt, the PreCentral Forums are much more active than the four threads we've linked here, so be sure to check them out for yourself and see what other conversations you might be able to join. If you have a thread that you would like to share in a future "From the Forums" email it to us at