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New Homebrew App Gallery for the Palm Pre!

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 05 Aug 2009 10:46 am EDT

homebrew app gallery

Our very own Homebrew Forums have always been the place to be to find homebrew apps for the Palm Pre.  It's a great place for troubleshooting, asking questions, and discussion.  Browsing.... Not so great.

So we've been coding our little heads off and although there's a rough edge here and there, we're happy to present...

The Homebrew Apps Gallery

You can sort through apps, rate them, filter or click on tags (see them in the sidebar of the main gallery page), and yes, download the apps.

If you're new to homebrew apps, here's the deal.  They are all essentially Beta apps presented for testing and edification.  Some are free and will be forever, the rest are free but just during the Beta period. Many of them will hopefully make their way into the official App Catalog (at which time, we'll pull them from our gallery, obviously).

If you've never installed homebrew apps, it's getting easier by the day.  For your first install, you just use WebOS Quick Install.  Then you'll want to use it to install fileCoaster.  With fileCoaster, you can paste any link to a Pre app and it will download and install it.  Heck, we've made a mobile version of the Homebrew App Gallery to make it even easier.

Just remember there's plenty of 'Beta' to go around here, so pardon us (and then tell us) if you kick a tire and it goes flat.  Keep on heading into our homebrew forums to talk to the developers, but now there's a nice way to gaze upon Homebrew Apps. Even if you're not part of the 65% of our readers who have tried Homebrew, the Gallery gives you a hint of what may be coming to the official App Catalog.

Developers, want to add your app to the gallery?  Just ask!