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The new iPad, better than ever [the competition]

by Derek Kessler Mon, 26 Mar 2012 6:18 pm EDT

The new iPad, better than ever [the competition]

Sometimes it can be hard being a webOS fan, sitting on the sidelines watching all of the fancy new hardware fly by at 4G speeds. A lot of it isn't all that exciting, but every now and then something stops us in our tracks. Take, for example, the new Apple iPad. It's something else. Take the iPad 2, pack it with a faster processor, better graphics, an LTE radio, and a mind-blowing 2048x1536 9.7-inch screen so crisp it puts every other tablet to shame. To put that into perspective, in the same space where there's one pixel on the TouchPad, the new iPad has four. Four, I say. Four, I did not see, mostly because they're so darned tiny.

Before you get all antsy, that's just the hardware we're drooling over. We want nothing more than for the new iPad to be running webOS. But it runs iOS, and that's all it's likely to ever run, because that's how Apple wants it. We wouldn't tell anybody looking at a TouchPad not to buy one - we still believe in webOS, and we wouldn't be writing here if we didn't - but we'd also be hard-pressed to find reason to dissuade somebody from looking at the new iPad too.

Go ahead, check out iMore's review of Apple's new iPad. It's at least worth looking at what else is out there before coming back home to the safety and comfort of webOS.

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