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New Meet Pre Video Entices

by Jason Robitaille Sun, 15 Feb 2009 2:42 pm EST

Palm has released a new "Meet Pre" video and this one really is quite alluring. Best of all, there's a fair bit of new juicy details for all us Pre-hungry addicts to feast on.

First off, we get a very nice look at the calendar and the event details screen. There's the usual stuff there: date/time, location, repeat, and alarm, and then there's a new one: participants.  The participants section in particular seems quite interesting, as it looks to be tied to contacts. It's probably safe to assume the attendance is cloud-based in some form. One thing that certainly comes to mind is the location-aware features mentioned by our hero Roger McNamee; the Pre will know where we're going, when we need to be there, when to remind us, and who to contact regarding the event.

Later on in the video, the Pre is shown using its browser. When the browser menu is pulled down we're able to see the "Share..." option in use, which appears to open up a new email for composition with a link to the webpage you were just at. Attached to the email is a file called "browser_page.png", however it's unknown what that may be. A screenshot of the webpage maybe?

Going back to the browser's menu, another option perked my interest, "Add to Launcher..." Being able to put webpages, like PreCentral, onto the launcher is both a timesaver and will let Pre users take advantage of the current web-based applications out there for other mobiles OSes.

Thanks to jeg815 for the YouTube version!