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New Palm phones in Sprint inventory: P120 and C40

by Derek Kessler Sun, 30 Aug 2009 6:14 pm EDT

Following up on the word of Palm devices appearing in Verizon’s database, we’ve been sent the above screenshot of a Sprint inventory management system, showing not one, not two, but three plot-thickening Palm devices. The first is the 100 we already know - the Palm Pre at $549.99. But after that are two more models we haven’t seen: the 120 and C40. Interestingly, the 120 is quite similar to P121VZW we saw in the Verizon screens (like the P100 for Sprint mirrors the P101VZW for Verizon). Both the 120 and C40 have placeholder prices of $1.

So now the question we have to ask is what’s what? If the P100 is the Pre, perhaps we should reason that the P1XX series is going to be the Pre and its derivatives, which could mean that the P121 and P120 are a variation on the Pre, perhaps one with more memory (an easy change to make), or possibly a no-camera version. Going with that hardcore logic, the C40 would be an entirely different model, presumably the Eos, which we have heard will land on Sprint. If true, this would mean that the Verizon inventory screen indicates that they will be receiving two versions of the Pre and not the Eos, at least not right away.

Thanks to our awesome - and anonymous - tipster!