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New Palm Pre TV Ad Is Quiet. A Little too Quiet

by Jason Robitaille Mon, 13 Jul 2009 3:44 pm EDT

Way back at the beginning of June we saw the first Palm Pre ad, aka "Flow".  We've been hearing for a week that a follow up ad was out and today, via JimmieGeddes in our forums, we have a decent quality version of it.

Whereas "Flow" had a bit (ok, a lot) of flash to it, this new one is decidedly more low-key.  The music and background are calm and serene, but to me the tone and expression is way too quiet and almost makes me sleepy.  Unfortunately, this ad does as much featuring of the Pre and its revolutionary OS as it does subliminally promoting Microsoft's new new search engine, Bing. (Oops).

Here's hoping the next commercial ramps things up a bit, because when I think of the Pre, I think of it as modern, flashy, and functional, not quiet and calm. Personally, my favorite is still the Sprint Pre Facebook ad.

Thanks to everybody who gave us a heads-up on the ad!