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New Pandora works beautifully on TouchPad with its redesigned HTML 5 Interface

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 21 Sep 2011 3:15 pm EDT

Pandora has announced today a brand new HTML5 based interface for their free music-streaming service, and as you can see in the screenshot above, it works great on the TouchPad. We may not have received an update to the smartphone-sized Pandora app to fill up the big screen of the tablet, but if it's any consolation, this re-creation of the popular "personal radio station" is much better than any apps we've seen released for mobile devices. The news adds yet another instance to our long list of "You don't need an app for that."

This latest release of Pandora brings a much more nicer user interface, an easier process for creating music stations, more details about the artists and albums that you're listening to, the ability to share your favorite stations with your friends and the removal of that pesky 40 hour listening cap that they had introduced a while back. So far, there's been no lagginess or glitches within the system, and the Pro version of Pandora looks great with its lack of ads and smoother experience. Here's another trick that is only available for webOS users at the moment - you can keep Pandora's new website running in Exhibition Mode easily by downloading the Luna app (Free) by LazyDay Project.

So if you're ready to celebrate this big news from today, we recommend you load up Pandora in your web browser and search for the fantastic victory music from "Last of the Mohicans" to get your blood flowing and your feet dancing.

Source: Pandora Blog; App Catalog: Luna Browser