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New & Upcoming in Homebrew: Active Home Screen, an App Installer, & a Fart App

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 13 Jul 2009 12:25 pm EDT

We have some really good rumblings in the Homebrew scene.  The most exciting is that forum member greg_roll is currently rolling up a desktop installer for Windows for installing apps directly.  It's on version 0.8 now and coming along quite well.  You'll still need to put your Pre into Developer mode to use it, but stay tuned as this one progresses. Also notable, dhMassacre has adapted greg_roll's app so it has a full Graphical User Interface.

Also progressing: Active Home Screen for the Pre. Forum member mapara, like many of us, wished the Pre had a Today Screen like Windows Mobile and Android.  So he's started putting one together.  There are currently Weather and News Widgets, links to apps, and a small Task widget working.  This is still alpha, so no downloads yet, but the idea of making an app/card into a homescreen with its own widgets doesn't seem to shabby.

Finally, yes folks, there is now a Fart App for the Palm Pre in the Homebrew forums. If nothing else, it's yet another milestone in the Pre's trek towards completing the necessary steps of all new smartphones: Getting Rooted, Running Doom, Running Apache, Running a NES or MAME Emulator, and now the Fart App.

Catch some screenshots of Active Home Screen after the break! Update: We gave ya a screenshot of PreBrewFarts too.