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New promo videos show off TouchPad, webOS 3.0, Touchstone, and more [video]

by Derek Kessler Fri, 10 Jun 2011 7:26 am EDT

HP’s launching an all-out assault on the YouTubes with the TouchPad. No, it hasn’t taken over the YouTube front page (yet), but several new TouchPad videos have been released, including a well-made TouchPad overview that encapsulates practically everything a prospective customer needs to know about the TouchPad in less than three minutes. The video touches on Touchstone, Citrix Receiver, Flash, Beats Audio, 3D gaming, the Qualcomm APQ8060 processor, and Touch-to-Share, plus webOS 3.0 standards like multitasking, Synergy, and Just Type search. The entire thing is narrated by HP’s Director of TouchPad Product Management, Jonathan Oakes.

That video has been broken down into at least two smaller videos, one focusing on the Touchstone charging dock, the other on Touch-to-Share. Both smartly focus on hardware features not available on other devices (yet). Additionally, HP UK has put out a colorful overview video of the TouchPad, though we’re not going to give it too much attention because it’s clear all the screens are computer generated (if not most of the rest of the video), whereas the others are clearly filmed, complete with shallow depths of field and everything. They're well-made, and we hope they're indivative of some of the advertising that's bound to happen for the TouchPad.

Check out all four videos after the break.

Source: YouTube (TouchPad overview, Touchstone, Touch-to-Share, HP UK); Via: WebOS Internals (Twitter); Thanks to brum and jonpel for the tips!