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New webOS device codenames discovered in webOS 2.0 Doctor?

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 05 Nov 2010 2:15 pm EDT


PreCentral member and WebOS Internals extraordinaire Destinal took a dig through the webOS Doctor (basically, the ROM image for restoring a webOS device) from SFR for webOS 2.0 and has uncovered some references to devices that we haven't seen before.

There's the roadrunner, of course, which we now know as the Palm Pre 2, but we also have a few "newer devices" for the rumor mill:

  • broadway. There have been rumors of a Pixi 2 associated with this codename - as we previously reported
  • windsor
  • mantaray
  • stingray
if ((machineType.contentEquals("broadway")) ||
(machineType.contentEquals("windsor")) ||
(machineType.contentEquals("mantaray")) ||
(machineType.contentEquals("stingray")) ||
{ this.flasherLogger.logPrintln("temporarily not 
restoring logs for newer devices");

Three of these are mentioned in something called the "A6UpdateStage" and having an "A6," which seems to related to some piece of internal hardware:

if ((!machineType.contentEquals("broadway")) && 
(!machineType.contentEquals("windsor")) && 
(!machineType.contentEquals("mantaray"))) {
"Not updating A6 firmware: no A6 on the device");

While we're not quite as sure as we'd like to be about those "Mansion" rumors from earlier, it's nice to see some hints that on new devices coming - presumably with plenty of input from HP's hardware team.

Source: webOS Internals IRC Logs. Thanks Destinal!