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by k4p741nkrunch on 2/9/2010 | ; Tags: - none - | 9 comments

No more quick launch! Icons, background, and all. Will still maintain your icons in the wave, but be sure to arrange them how you want before you install this theme, otherwise you can't change them without uninstalling it.

The icons will disappear and only become accessible by sliding your finger up from the gesture area.

I figured a lot of people would want this and a lot of people like different things, therefore no other customizations to start off. Expect a full theme to come out of this shortly.


0.0.2: Made it actually work :P Prethemer was keeping the resolution of the original images which I had edited, disrupting functionality. Went with Precentral.

0.0.1: Initial Release

Credit to PrestonJames for discovery.