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This is not a front-facing camera on a Pixi

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 27 Dec 2010 1:53 pm EST

Yes, we very much want a Pixi 2, something to redeem the idea of a tiny smartphone with not-so-tiny capabilities.  Call it a "teen-phone," or "the smallest smartphone ever available" - just bring it and soon. Sure, it's not the superphone that everybody is waiting for, but it'll do.

As much as we'd like it to be, the image above isn't that Pixi 2. It comes from a Sprint promo and many think they see a Pixi 2 with a front-facing camera in the upper-lefthand corner. What we're actually seeing is a Pixi whose two front facing sensors - for light and promixity - are being shown clearly. On production devices, you can see them occluded under semi-transparent plastic under the right lighting. On the image above, well, they're just a bit more ostentatious.

Remembering that Palm started looking for video conferencing engineers in July, we understand why it's making its way around the blogosphere as a potential mix-up candidate for the Pixi 2. Heck, we ourselves thought that at first too before we came back down to reality. Sorry kids, but we need to wait just a little bit longer to get the deets on the Broadway / Castle (redux). You didn't think we'd get out of the shadow of the valley of "the coming months" that easily, did you?

Source: Sprint; via @iamisaactorres