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Not So Fast? Mobile Hotspot on Verizon

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 03 Feb 2010 12:55 pm EST

Pre/Pixi Plus MiFi
153k down
258k up
900k down
456k up
936k down
132k up
Not Tested

Over at jkOnTheRun, James Kendrick has posted up results comparing the Mobile Hotspot feature on his Palm Pre Plus to the MiFi Mobile Hotspot device. His results are pretty disheartening: speeds on the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus are noticeably slower than on the dedicated MiFi hotspot. I don't have a Verizon MiFi to test against, but I have gotten faster download speeds than James did, however my upload speeds are lackluster to say the least. At right, the results of both of our tests, averaged over multiple attempts at Speakeasy (2 for James, 3 for me).

Update: I just realized that I had the "Unthrottle Download Manager" patch installed. I just removed that and ran another battery of tests and am getting slightly slower speeds, but not enough for me to think that this patch affects data speed - 3G is often wildly different from test to test, even from the exact same location.

After the break we've posted two polls that we're asking only Verizon users to fill out: if you're using Mobile Hotspot, what kind of data download and upload speeds are you getting? People using Mobile Hotspot on Sprint via 'nefarious' methods and people using other methods of tethering webOS, please sit this poll out and instead post your results in the comments.

What are your average speeds with Verizon Mobile Hotspot?
(Official Verizon Hotspot only, please. Use Speakeasy.)