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Nova-Dartfish tablet with keyboard, webOS 3.0 smartphone without, appear in app logs

by Derek Kessler Thu, 19 May 2011 8:31 am EDT

It’s always fun what developers find in their app logs. We’ve seen new devices pop up there before, and now thanks for developer Thomas Perraudin of France, we’ve got two more: an unnamed webOS 3.0 smartphone that lacks a keyboard, and a “Nova-Dartfish” tablet that possibly does. Let’s start with the smartphone…

{"modelName": "(Device)", "modelNameAscii": "Device", "platformVersion": "3.0.0", "platformVersionMajor": 3, "platformVersionMinor": 0, "platformVersionDot": 0, "carrierName": "ATT", "serialNumber": "5CLFE40217", "screenWidth": 320, "screenHeight": 480, "minimumCardWidth": 320, "minimumCardHeight": 30, "maximumCardWidth": 320, "maximumCardHeight": 452, "touchableRows": 8, "keyboardAvailable": false, "keyboardSlider": false, "keyboardType": "Unknown", "wifiAvailable": true, "bluetoothAvailable": true, "carrierAvailable": true, "coreNaviButton": false, "swappableBattery": false, "dockModeEnabled": true}

The device reports running webOS 3.0.0 with a screen resolution of 320x480 – the same as the Pre 2 and earlier Pre devices. What’s interesting is that it reports both “keyboardavailable” and “keyboardSlider” as false, and “keyboardType” as unknown. Additionally, it reports that “swappableBattery” is also false, which frankly seems like a weird thing for an app log to care about, bu we’ll roll with it.

The simplest explanation for this is that this unnamed smartphone-size device is a slate-style webOS smartphone, one that lacks both a physical keyboard and a removable battery. The complicated explanation could be that it’s running an incomplete internal testing build of webOS 3.0 for smartphones and that it doesn’t properly report things like keyboard and battery status (we suspect the webOS 3.0 HP TouchPad would report the same info).

{"modelName": "(Device)", "modelNameAscii": "Device", "platformVersion": "Nova-Dartfish", "platformVersionMajor": -1, "platformVersionMinor": -1, "platformVersionDot": -1, "carrierName": "Unknown", "serialNumber": "5CLED10930", "screenWidth": 1024, "screenHeight": 768, "minimumCardWidth": 1024, "minimumCardHeight": 318, "maximumCardWidth": 1024, "maximumCardHeight": 740, "touchableRows": 14, "keyboardAvailable": true, "keyboardSlider": false, "keyboardType": "", "wifiAvailable": true, "bluetoothAvailable": true, "carrierAvailable": false, "coreNaviButton": false, "swappableBattery": false, "dockModeEnabled": true}

Nova-Dartfish is new to us. It reports a screen size of 1024x768, which is the same as the TouchPad, and the “minimumCardHeight” of 318 pixels indicates to us that this device does support a virtual keyboard (318 being our approximation of how much space would be left in landscape with the keyboard keys set to large.” It does, however, report “keyboardAvailable” as true, but indicates that it’s not a slider like the Pre and Veer phones. So what is it? We’ll be honest, we don’t know; it could be a netbook-style device, or maybe it’s just a TouchPad with an attached Bluetooth keyboard. Either way, there’s something tabletly getting some app testing.

Source: Le Forum de PalmPre-France (1, 2); Via: PalmPre-France