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Novacom hacked to work over Wi-Fi, wireless from-the-desktop app installs on the horizon

by arthurthornton Mon, 02 Apr 2012 6:33 pm EDT

Novacom hacked to work over Wi-Fi, wireless app installs on the horizon

As a mobile app developer, I can definitely say one of the least pleasant things about webOS development is that to deploy applications you are required to plug in your webOS device to your computer. In a world where we have Touchstone charging, the easier way to get that app from your computer to the device is via a cable. Granted, this is the norm for practically all development environments, but this is 2012, and it shouldn’t be. If your webOS device is connected to the same wireless network as your computer, should it really be necessary to connect them with a USB cable?

No, it should not, at least that's what webOS developer Eric Blade has to say about it. He's posted instructions on the HP webOS Developer Forum on how to get your TouchPad or other webOS-powered device to imitate an emulator and connect to your computer via Novacom via Wi-Fi. The instructions are a bit involved though, it's certainly not something that is novice-friendly, so much so that yours truly set out to build a webOS app to automate the on-device process. Homebrew developer extraordinaire Jason Robitaille also has plans to automate the computer setup process with webOS Quick Install, which should further open this wonderful new wireless application deployment setup to the entire homebrew world. Exciting times we live in.

This is all still pretty alpha stuff, but if you're up to the challenge, hit the source link below to get involved in the development. Or you can just install it as it is and help with debugging (there's always debugging), with the caveat that this is early software. If you're not up to that challenge, that's fine - pretty soon the yet-to-be-named wireless Novacom setup app will be in the webOS Nation Homebrew Gallery for all to install.