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O2 Germany: Veer in June; but sign up for one now

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 18 Apr 2011 12:51 pm EDT

O2's official Twitter account, o2inside, has been a treasure map of pre-release information for webOS fans. The latest is that they're expecting to release the Veer in June and they've even linked to a handy page where O2 customers can go on and reserve a Veer right now - although whether it's a honest-to-goodness reservation or simply a request to be notified isn't entirely clear to us.

Now, this is a slightly different map from what we've see before from o2inside (they'd said May before). It also doesn't necessarily count out an earlier release in the US concurrent with that May 2nd launch party we told you about over the weekend. At least one thing is clear: our days of saying "soon" and "in the coming months" with regard to the Veer aren't likely to last much longer.

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