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O2 Palm Pre Plus to get webOS 2.x update via computer? Update: it's out!

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 19 Feb 2011 9:07 pm EST

What we originally heard from HP at their Think Beyond Event was that while they wouldn't be delivering webOS 2.x to devices older than the Pre 2 Over-the-Air, receiving an update in the form of a webOS Dcotor download to your computer was a possibility. Later that day the company changed their tune and said that those devices woudn't get the update. This past Sunday, several European users tried out the webOS update checker and saw glimmers of hope that it might come. Now a representative at O2 Germany's user forum has chimed in and said that while the original Pre won't get it, they are working to bring 2.x to the Pre Plus for their German customers. Here's a handy translation from PreCentral forum user Sonic-NKT:

As originaly only european Partner of webOS-Devices, we have a big interest in giving our Customers the newest Updates. Because of that we tried to convince HP to listen to the needs of the early adopters and to release the update they announced. But they (HP) had to figure out, pretty late tho, that the Palm Pre and Pixi plus are hardware wise not capable of running webOs 2.0, because of that HP wont release an update for those Devices.

The Pre Plus on the other hand will get an official Update to webOS 2.0 soon, but it wont be available as OTA, you have to use the webosdoctor software to get it onto your devices, you will be able to download it from the HP-Website. We keep tryining to convince HP for our Customers of Pre and Pixis Plus Devices to release a reduced Update, that is adjusted for the older Hardware. The ultimate decision for this lies in the hands of HP tho.

That's pretty much the story we had heard originally and it's also the story that some HP "executive relations" reps have told some customsers. Whether this is a matter of failed communicaiton within HP and to HP's carrier partners or a reversion to the original plan is still unclear - what is clear is that while we're still waiting to hear how HP intends to "make things right" for current customers, this kind of confusion about whether the update will happen shouldn't be part of that plan.

Update: Engadget writes that the above rep says that "HP pulled the 2.0 SDK" (Which, by the way, is still under NDA) and so don't hold your breath for this update, despite what the update checker says. Thanks NickVTPre!

Update 2: well golly, HP has done gone and released the sucker.

Source: O2 Forums; via PreCentral Forums; Thanks Sonic-NKT!