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O2 UK site shows Pre II, we show skepticism

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 11 Oct 2009 5:23 pm EDT

We sort of miss the Silly Season in the run up to the release of the Palm Pre - When would it be released? How much? Would it come with a pony?

Although we have a high degree of confidence that there is some sort of spec-bumped Palm Pre waiting in the wings in the form of the P120 on Sprint and the P121VZW on Verizon, we suspect that these will be minor spec bumps (read: memory) and not full-fledged successors.

Still and all, we had a tiny thrill when Daniel sent in this link to O2 UK's accessory selection section which, as you can see above, lists both the Pre and the Pre II.  The thrill was tiny and short-lived, as we're assuming that we're looking at an innocuous mistake and not a leak.

The gameplan as we see it is still to get the Pixi out the door, get its GSM brother on a few carriers, and get the Pre on to carriers in the US not called 'Sprint.' It's a good plan, it's methodical, but at some point we'll be coming around to another Silly Season. We don't think the above is the first robin sighting of said season... do you?

Thanks, Daniel!