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Oh, Mojo Messaging Service, where art thou?

by Derek Kessler Thu, 08 Apr 2010 11:26 am EDT

Think back one year from today. It was a heady time in the land of Palm. The Pre hadn’t even been released yet, the iPhone 3GS (well, the 3G S at the time) hadn’t been announced, in fact, Palm looked poised for incredible success. A year ago, April 7, was also the day that Palm announced the Mojo Messaging Service (confusing acronymed as MMS) for webOS. Mojo Messaging Service was portrayed as an advanced “push” notification system that not only would allow developers to push alerts out to webOS devices running their apps, it would leverage user data (e.g. GPS location) to managed targeted alerts to specific sets of users. The example given: traffic alerts to those that are actually in the area.

Mojo Messaging Service was to take Apple’s iPhone push notifications and put them on steroids. It would have given developers untold flexibility in managing alerts and allowed them to build much more powerful apps. Not to mention, push notifications would result in notable battery life improvements. Instead of an app like Tweed having to poll the server every 15 or 30 minutes at a set interval, the server could instead contact the phone when you get a direct message or a mention. If you’re the type that gets such notifications on an infrequent basis, you could be looking at significant battery life improvements simply by virtue of your phone not being as active.

So here we are a year later, enjoying the fruits of Palm’s push notifications labors, right? Wrong. A year has come and gone and we have heard nary a peep from Sunnyvale about the future of Mojo Messaging Service. While we fully admit that Palm has a lot on its plate right now, a measure of the webOS platform’s success in our day and age is going to be both the quantity and quality of apps available. While quantity is a direct, albeit circular, metric with the number of devices sold, quality could receive notable improvement with a push notification system.

So, Palm, could you (ahem) push out an update letting us know when we might see the Mojo Messaging Service?