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On-device Command Line access returns to webOS 2.1, after a slight tweak

by Adam Marks Thu, 10 Mar 2011 11:11 am EST

With more of our readers on webOS 2.0 using a Pre2 or a Franken-Pre, many are finding that a lot of applications that they have come to rely on in the past have been broken in 2.0. Luckily, the homebrew community continues to rise up to the challenge and have found ways to either update those apps, such as the recently deployed update to Internalz Pro and FileMgr, or to do their homebrew magic to get apps like Classic working again. But if you have wanted to access the command line for shell access directly on your phone using Terminal or Terminus you have been out of luck, until today.

Thanks to PreCentral Forum Member/Developer MetaView, who took a technique developed by WebOS Internal's Rod Whitby, we now have a way to run the Terminus app in webOS 2.1. The directions are pretty simple, and you will need to install both Terminus and Internalz Pro on your device

  1. Run Terminus at least once
  2. Open Internalz Pro and then swipe down from the top-left to access the Application dropdown and select "Preferences".  Under the "TEXT EDITOR" section, ensure that "Newline format" is set to Linux.  Swipe Back to return to Internalz
  3. Navigate to the /var/palm/data/ directory
  4. Open the file "jailusers" in that directory and find the line with terminus (App ID "us.ryanhope.terminus").
    • If there are two lines in the file for Terminus, find and delete the entire line that ends with "jail_game.conf"
    • If there is just one line that shows "jail_game.conf" at the end, change it to "jail_native-palm.conf"
  5. Save the file the close

At this point, you can open up Terminus and get full access to your command line right on the phone.

Source: MetaView