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One Month In: How's Your Life on Pre?

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 06 Jul 2009 3:24 pm EDT

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Hard to believe, but it's been only a month since the Palm Pre was unleashed upon the United States.  We've given the Pre a massive review. We've watched our Palm Pre Forums explode with activity.  We've watched homebrewers and hackers have their way with the little wonder.  We've had a few hardware problems for a few people - but honestly our sense on that is for most people things have been solid.

We've published a lot of Palm Pre Tips and Tricks. We've laughed.  We've cried. We've said our piece on an issue or two.  We've gotten so used to the gestures on the Palm Pre that we find ourselves trying to swipe away applications on other smartphones, trying to flick scroll the milk over so we can access the orange juice in the fridge, trying to slide up the screen on the iPhone to find a real keyboard underneath.

In short, we're loving life one month in and are excited for the future.  How about you, fellow launch-day line-sitters?

Big thanks to Jerrytroll for reminding us that it's only been a month, but a full month at that! Thanks also to Ronnie for the Launch-day photo!