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Open Mobile & Open webOS: When, Where and the Competition

by Sharon L Copeland Fri, 18 May 2012 6:40 pm EDT

ICS on a TouchPad


Almost everyday we are reminded of what happened on that dark day in August when they killed webOS hardware and got rid of most of everyone in the hardware division; and it looked like the OS was to be suffer the same fate. Luckily for us, some the most diehard fans, along with some equally determined webOS developers, worked very hard to keep webOS alive. We here at webOS nations know the hot news stories have been slow to turn up, but don't despair.

We say to those who have been taunted by larger screens, faster processors and hardware, fear not. Your time, my loyal friends is coming sooner thank you think. Bide your time my pretties although some wanted to put us in the coffin long before the TouchPad arrived, we are far from being dead. It reminds me of that line in Dark Shadows,"They tried to stone me my dear, it did not work." We want to give you a realistic forecast of how everything is progressing so far. We wanted to let you know everyone at HP and Open Mobile are working as hard as they can so you can have the goodies you all deserve.

Everyone knows about Open Mobile because it was trotted out at a mobile event not too long ago and shown off for all to enjoy. We were shown that in fact android apps can run on  the webOS ecosystem. Those of you how have CM9 and used the delicious ICS know what we're talking about. The TouchPad had ICS way before some of the premier android devices had it. Thanks to some awesome developers, Rootzwiki, we have dual tablet devices. I invite all of you to try it. It takes time and patience, but it so totally worth it. We want you to imagine 400,000 apps, plus all our own, running on the ecosystem that is our own magnificent webOS.

What we mean our dear sweet children is that you would have all of those apps running with cards, notifications, our impeccable email, and some fined tuned tweaks. How soon will all of this come? We were hoping to surprise you within a few weeks. Alas, there was someone bigger with a lot more cash and stature that stood in our way.

It is the monster that is Samsung. They swooped in with the people, cash and hardware to bump us out of the way. Who has heard of Tizen? Turns out its an Samsung, Meego, Android system mash up from across the pond....way across the pond. Not England, but hailing from down under...Australia. It was quite funny to note that their operating system wasn't getting any love either. But one would think that webOS would have had one up on them. but we had something in common. Tizen is an open sourced, Linux based operating system based on HTML, and lets face it between the vile bantering between HP and its CEO's and bad decisions, it took a bit longer. The award-winning OS was saved by HP's new CEO, Meg Whitman and webOS hasfound its second wind.

Now the timeline for Open Mobile to announce its partnership with webOS has been confirmed for the third quarter of 2012. Our guess is between September and October, right when Open webOS launches 1.0 which makes sense, right? Not really, not when you have Apple announcing iPhone 5 and Apple TV. Right about that time we'll have Blackberry 10 and whatever android phone or tablet that may come out; and lets not forget about Windows 8 breathing down our necks.

Our timing has never been the best, but you can be sure there will be the usual fanfare planned as always when celebrating a milestone. The only question that leaves us in the dark is hardware. There have been whispers about a new tablet, not the windows 8 one that has been reported, and whispers about a possible phone. All under the webOS brand, can you believe it?  All those rumors are just that...rumors. But we can dream can't we?

So hold on to your wigs and keys, as David Letterman would say, and keep developing and keep having meet ups. Attend those in June especially, when HP Discover is supposed to happen. Despite what other blogs say, it ain't over till the fat lady sings. And from what we have heard shes in need of a throat operation.  

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