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Open webOS OE booted on Galaxy Nexus by WebOS Ports [video]

by Derek Kessler Fri, 28 Sep 2012 7:42 pm EDT

Open webOS OE booted on Galaxy Nexus by WebOS Ports [video]

If there was one thing we expected to happen with relative quickness, it was that the industrious developers of WebOS Ports would get the newly released Open webOS 1.0 up and running on modern hardware. And deliver they have. Just hours after the release of the 1.0 version of Open webOS OpenEmbedded, the WebOS Ports team has uploaded a video of Open webOS running on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It's not exactly pretty, and it's not in any manner fast (we're told there's no hardware acceleration happening in the port's current state - i.e. this was a 'quick and dirty' proof of concept), but it still brings a tear to our eyes.

If you're wondering how WebOS Ports got this done so fast, don't strain yourself trying to ponder how they managed this in just six hours. Remember, even though Open webOS OE just hit 1.0 today, the beta version has been public for a month, and other parts have been available as open source for even longer. Granted, it didn't have a user interface then, but plenty of people - WebOS Ports included - have been tinkering around with the operating system over the past few weeks. And tinker they have, so getting the fresh 1.0 version of Open webOS OE to boot was something they were at least familiar with when the release landed earlier today. The Galaxy Nexus was chosen by WebOS Ports back in August as the first target device, thanks to its fully open source nature as one of Google's Nexus devices.

To give you an idea of where the Galaxy Nexus port stands right now, in tinkering with the beta build they were able to get the device to boot and Wi-Fi to work (with the addition of some open source Android bits), though parts like Bluetooth, telephony, and the camera are still works in progress.

The WebOS Ports team clearly isn't done here. They're going to working on this port and likely several others going forward. WebOS Ports isn't just planning to port and be done with it either, they've got plans for making necessary modifications via the addition of a separate layer that will improve Open webOS for the hardware and added needed functionality. What exactly they're going to do is unknown at this point, but if the modifications made as part of LunaCE are any indication, they've got some talent and imagination on their sides to make things happen.

As you'll see in the video, this isn't quite ready for primetime, so the WebOS Ports team isn't yet releasing the code to do this, lest you muck up your own Galaxy Nexus. Rest assured, when it's ready, you'll be able to find it all on WebOS Ports' Wiki, like everything else WebOS Internals has done.

Source: WebOS Ports