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The HP Veer isn’t advertised as having a removable battery. HP said that the size constraints of such a small device necessitated that the battery be integrated – removable batteries take up more space. But, we’re the types that are willing to disassemble and hack together phones to make them work on our network of choice, so words like “not removable” tend not to faze us.

Putting our fingernails to work we deftly pried off the back of the Veer, which is held on by a series of clips. Since this is a review unit we’re going to have to eventually return to HP, we weren’t too keen on going on an all-out disassembly binge, as this first opening revealed that the Veer isn’t quite as user-serviceable as its Pre-series ancestors.

What we did see on the inside was interesting. There’s the camera, which is of average size, and the tiny rear speaker. We knew the speaker was small from the size of the grille, but it doesn’t hit home how small it is until you see it completely exposed. There’s also the standard Palm-style antennas printed onto the inner casing as funky angular yellow metal strips. But what was truly interesting was the battery, that big black rectangle with the Palm wordmark on it. The battery actually appears to be a removable battery, though it’s held in place by a metal frame, itself held down by clips.

Having gotten at the battery, we bring good news: it is 'replaceable' - though not for the weak of heart and short of fingernails. From the top it appears to be a standard Palm-style battery, complete with rounded edges and everything. Once it's pulled out, however, we see that it uses a simple contact instead of a plug, but given the placement of the contact, the difficulty (and possible fragility) of removing both the back and the metal frame, we're going to go ahead and say this was battery wasn’t meant to be swapped out on a regular basis like the battery in the Pre. Good thing the Veer manages decent life off this 910mAh unit (the Pre and Pixi phones have 1150mAh batteries).

Check out the up-close gallery of our opened-up Veer after the break. It's nice to know that you could replace the Veer's battery if it goes dead completely, but a mid-afternoon swap is not a good plan.