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Set a Contact-specific ringtone

by Adam Marks Thu, 20 Jan 2011 11:42 am EST

Setting your ringtone in the Sounds & Ringtones app will allow you to set your default ringtone when you receive a phone call, but did you know that you could also customize your ringtones based on who the caller is? As long as you have the phone number within one of your contacts, you just need to open up that contacts record (which can be accomplished via Universal Search, within the Contacts app, tapping on the header in a text message conversation, or a multitude of other ways) and then tap the Edit button on the lower left. Just under the Phone Number section, you will see an option to "Set a ringtone". Just tap that option and then follow the step listed in our Set a Ringtone tip. Now, any time that contact calls, their specific ringtone will play.


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