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by nights0223 Wed, 21 Apr 2010 3:43 pm EDT
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A nice, clean, and elegant blue theme for your WebOS device.

If you like this theme, can help me out a little by donating, it would be greatly appreciated!

2.5 changelog:

  • Now compatible with WebOS 2.1

2.4.1 changelog:

  • New splash screens/icons for core apps after 1.4 update
  • Phone app compatible with 1.4
  • Calculator button changes
  • Camera Button changes
  • Added multi-scrim patch
  • Top bar will now correctly display blue letters
  • Redid most of messaging app
  • Completely redid app catalog
  • Youtube, Wifi, Updates, Location, and Help apps now blue
  • Amazon store and streaming media player are now more blue
  • New update icon
  • New checkmark icons
  • Arrow in top launcher brighter blue
  • Bluetooth icon matches a little better
  • Changed avatar border in contacts app
  • Added blue glow to screen lock clock
  • Activity progress icons are now blue
  • Fixed issues with green dialer in 1.3.5
  • Activity spinners (loading icons) are now blue
  • Dialer now has blue text
  • Modified dev mode icon
  • Changed documents icon
  • Yellow buttons now orange; red buttons deeper color red
  • Changed a few icons in the videoplayer/musicplayer
  • Redid look of app catalog
  • Notification badges now better color blue
  • Loading circle during phone restart now blue
  • All icons now more uniform in color (lock icon matches phone-answer button better, etc.)
  • Email folder icons better blue
  • Neon boot screen is a little darker blue to match better
  • Too much more to list, have a look for yourself!

2.3.1 changelog:

  • New dialer background
  • Other dialer tweaks
  • New pinpad background and some buttons

2.3.1 changelog: 11/19/09

  • Fixed phone app for WebOS 1.3.1
  • Cleaned up xml file (thanks goes to slinkster213)

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